Alive and well

February 7th, 2017

[NOTE:  This blog post was tweaked from an email I sent to an online friend tonight.  Not hard to plunk in a few photos without stopping to edit first.  Thank you for responding to the need to pray for Tsvetomira! God has had mercy and spared her to her family! There are three more big needs I want very much to tell you about soon, Lord willing, one a new and vital ministry to special needs adoptive mom caregivers, the second a boy whom Josie knew in China–finally able to be adopted less than a year before he ages out, and the third the revitalization of the Pleven Project.]


To the kind online friends and readers who have checked in on us over the past months, thank you! Yes, we are alive and very well, indeed.  Joe and I agree that our family goal for the foreseeable future should be stability.  Somehow in spite of an formidable schedule, we are in a period of the most stability we have enjoyed as a family since before Verity was born and I began blogging seven years ago.

I have left many people hanging during this time, but when I take time on the computer, it always seems several other important things suffer, often including sleep.  It’s undeniable that our overall family well-being has benefited from my dropping the regular blogging.

I can always tell when life has switched to super-hyper-overdrive, because I don’t have time for my beloved reading, and that’s where we’ve been since Josie’s surgery the first week of November, three months ago.  We are finding our footing in a new season with the help of God.  We lost our Amish cleaning girl last fall.  Since the end of December, I have had to be gone from the house most of two days a week, and sometimes more, for therapy for Josie and Verity. Then beginning a few weeks afterward, Laura started her college class three afternoons a week and is now working part time during tax season.  In the midst of everything else, my skin began to react more and more to chemicals in our environment, so we have needed to make some major changes, which as you know can seem overwhelming when added to an already jam-packed calendar.

God has been faithful to answer my cry to Him for help and provide JUST the help we need. A young woman from church had been complaining to her mom about being bored and wondering whether there was some family who would let her come and help them. !!! She wants to work with children someday and really desires the experience. She cleans floors and bathrooms one partial day each week (we are paying her what we used to pay the Amish cleaning girl) and comes to help in general two other partial days, mostly spending productive one on one time with Verity.  She’s now being trained to do Verity’s neurodevelopmental program with her those two days. What a fabulous help she is—quick to catch on, looks for ways to be helpful and stays right on top of things! Maybe in the past, I would have been reluctant to accept the help, but no more!

During this same time period, another thrifty adoptive mom of a supersized homeschooling family introduced me to Norwex, and that ended up being part of our solution to simplifying and going more natural.

And the other major help He sent was in the form of (our version of) the Mom Bucks system for the five middle kids.

On the spiritual front, after one failed attempt, I was recently able to spend seven whole uninterrupted hours of purposeful time in God’s presence in the Quiet Place of a local couple who offers it as a place of respite for those in ministry. God used the time and quiet to speak clearly to me. I was in desperate need of this and am so grateful.

So–coming through a time that could have been impossibly overwhelming, but instead we are all thriving and have a definite sense of peace, happiness, wellbeing, and yes, stability. Not to mention all the fun we get out of life! Joseph summed it up well recently when he was sitting at our kitchen table working on a computer and paused, looked up, and stated, “There’s a nice atmosphere here.”


Katie undergoing step one of The Treatment for Aquaphor Ointment in Hair!



Stephen and Nathaniel accompanying Joe and me to his final Samaritan board meeting.



Ben wearing John Michael’s backup pair of glasses!


Verity enjoying a new favorite activity.

Katie missing some school due to sickness.



Josie realizing how comfy it can be to be able to bend one’s knees!



Verity acing her school workbook.



Twins enjoying a birthday outing.



Nathaniel doing his baby job of being utterly lovable.



Josie after making us very proud of how she handled getting a filling in a chipped tooth!  It wasn’t easy for her, but according to the staff, she did better than many adults!  We were already so proud of her for once again making the honor roll, which she’s done every marking period since coming into our family!  Go, Josie!!


Pray for Tsvetomira!

January 28th, 2017

Tsvetomira did well on most of the long trip home to the States with the exception of some prolonged seizure activity close to the end of the last flight which was brought under control by Diastat.

Once she arrived in the closest hospital this afternoon, she took a severe turn for the worse.  However, the medical professionals were not listening to what Andrea had to say or to what Adam told them before he left.  Without going into details, Mira’s condition was declining so rapidly that Andrea was afraid for her life.

Now she has been transferred to the children’s hospital that Matt and Andrea use for their other children.  Andrea is much more comfortable that the doctors are listening to her and doing all they can to help.  They plan to talk with Adam once his plane has landed back on the East Coast and he’s available by phone again.

Please pray that God would spare the life of this very much loved little girl!  Pray that He would allow her to stabilize and be discharged to go home and experience the love of her new family.  Pray for His grace to flow like a river to the whole Glewwe family, and that all would sense His everlasting arms bearing them up through this very stressful time.  Pray that Matt and Andrea’s trust in Him would shine like a light to all the medical professionals who will come in contact with this precious family.

Thank you, praying friends!


Please read and pray

January 24th, 2017

Dear praying friends, may I implore you to continue checking the Glewwes’ blog for updates on Tsvetomira, read every word, and pray, pray, pray?

Andrea is managing the monumental task of blogging in the midst of a semi-crisis, and it will be worth her time if we share this urgent need and pray fervently for all involved.

Just click on the link below to read the most recent updates.

Room for More

And here’s the link for you to copy and paste and share with others you know will also pray for Tsvetomira and her family throughout this very challenging time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much!