What God has done: Children from Pleven

May 24th, 2017

Katie before~

Katie August 2011


Katie after~

Katie after 2


Niko before~

Niko before


Niko after~

Niko after


Samantha before~

Samantha before


Samantha after~

Samantha after


Sam before~

Sam before at 6 years old


Sam after~

Sam after 2


Misha and Judah before, with new daddy (top), Misha after (left), Judah after (right)~

Misha before at age 4 and Judah before at age 8 plus afters four years later


David before~

david before

David after~

david after


Jonny before~

jonny before (1)


Jonny after~

jonny after


Sebastian before~

Sebastian before 2


Sebastian after~

Sebastian Nine after at age 6


Jaxon before~

Jaxon before 2


Jaxon after~

Jaxon after 2


Christiana before~

Crista before


Christiana after~

crista after 2


Jaele before~



Jaele after~




Keith before (left) and after (right)~

keith before and after


Lina before~




Lina after~

Lina after 2


Maia before~

Maia Moss before


Maia after~

Maia Moss after


Ethan (left) and Eli (right) before~

Ethan L Eli R pick up


Ethan after~

Eli after (2)


Eli after~

Eli after (1)


Kolina before~

Kolina before


Kolina after~

Kolina after


Hasya before~

hasya before


Hasya after~

hasya after


Victory before~

Victory before 001


Victory after~

through May 13, 2017 038


Simon before~

Simon before


Simon after~

simon after 2


Johnathan before (left) and after (right)~

Johnathan before and after (1)


Charity before (left) and after (right)~

Charity before and after


Penny before~

Penny before at 12 years old


Penny after~


Penny after


Sarai before~

sarai before (1)


Sarai after~

sarai after


Elijah before (left) and after (right)~

Elijah before at age 4 wearing 18-24 mo then after at age 6 wearing 5-6

Ethan before~

Ethan Robbins before at age 11


Ethan after~

Ethan Robbins after at age 15


Elaina before~



Elaina after~

Elaina after 2


Sarah before~

sarah after (2)


Sarah after~

sarah after (1)



Krassi before~


Krassi before


Krassi after~

Krassi after


Ana before~

Ana Miner before


Ana after~


Ana Miner after


Anna before~



Anna after~



Gabe before~

Gabe - before


Gabe after~


Gabe - after (2)


Tony before~

Tony before


Tony after~


Tony after 2


“Brandi” before~


Anna before


“Brandi” after~

Anna after


Ben before~


Ben Thornton first visit


Ben after~

Ben after 2


Milen (left) before and Milen (right) after~

Milen before then 5 months after coming home at age 14


Mira before~



Mira after~

Tsvetomira after


Always remembering three very special boys…Adam, Tommy, and Matthew.





If you adopted an older child from Pleven…

May 10th, 2017

…and you would like him or her to be included in an upcoming post, please email me at susanna@theblessingofverity.com.  I’m including each child’s first name with before and after photos–no other identifying information!

Thirty-five of the children are currently included, and there are SO many more I would love to add!  So please don’t hesitate to email!  Thank you so much!

Now on Facebook

May 3rd, 2017

Hi everyone!  A couple of things happened recently that made me realize it’s time and I’m ready!  It’s a good venue for quickly sharing important needs as well as featherweight photo posts without significant content.  That’s just where I am in life right now.

If an occasional weightier post needs to be written (such as the big, upcoming Pleven post with before-and-afters of many of the children!), I can publish it here and share it on Facebook.

Plus, after seven years of blogging, I miss the human interaction you gave me through this blog.  So…hope to see you there!

~Susanna Weslie Owens Musser


Nathaniel was ready to drive me down to Virginia for the A Mother’s Rest planning retreat, but that didn’t work out like he’d hoped~