July 17, 2014 at 11:25 AM by Susanna


Here’s the challenge you’ve been waiting for, but with a fun twist!

This morning, Brandi’s matching grant fund reached its goal and then some!

The final figure for Brandi’s matching grant?





Every penny of this matching grant is being offered with love and the desire to encourage others to quickly help fill in the remaining amount of what Dan and Jeannie need in the near future!

The final donation put the total over our original goal amount, but since the Myers still have quite a way to go in order to be fully funded, we are going to go ahead and make $4625 the goal amount!


Right now, the Bringing Brandi Home YouCaring fund reads $15,117.


Once her fund reaches $19,742, your gifts will be doubled and the matching funds given.


Her fund will then jump to $24,367!  Happy day!


So if you’ve been waiting for this update, wait no longer!


It’s your turn!  Please don’t put this one off!  The faster the goal is reached, the sooner Dan and Jeannie can go buy those plane tickets!!


Get ready, get set,


Go, friends, GO!!!


Click on the following link to GIVE and have your donations doubled:

Bringing Brandi Home YouCaring adoption fund


Copy and paste the following link to SHARE this opportunity to have your donations doubled:


Thank you to all the wonderful people who are caring and praying and giving to help this precious tiny girl come home where she belongs!!


In praise of Real

July 14, 2014 at 7:10 PM by Susanna

*looking at the supper table speculatively*


Wonder how long it’s been since we set the table with real plates?

Not what I always imagined for our family by a long shot.

It always seems like what’s coming after the meal

is more important than washing real dishes.

Like real people.

So if we have to choose…

…and right now we cannot choose both…

Real plates or real people?

Throw away plates or throw away people?

Well, if you’re going to put it like that…

Mindy Walls~_MG_8736

Stephen, age 5:  I like Aslan’s country better than Narnia; do you know why?

Mom:  Why?

Stephen:  It’s because Aslan’s country is the real Narnia.

Three weeks from today…

July 14, 2014 at 7:43 AM by Susanna


UPDATE:  The grant fund now totals $2525!!


…Brandi will be held by her daddy and mommy for the first time in her eight lonely years.

Brandi_2013 (3)


Every time I see their faces, something wells up inside me.  God was preparing the perfect parents for her all the time.



They are not superheroes.  They are ordinary people who have said “yes” to God rather than “no.”

And because of that, a little girl with severe disabilities who has been treated like a nothing for most of her life is loved and longed for.

That is God’s kind of love, and I can hardly wait to see it touch Brandi in flesh and blood.

My tears fell onto Brandi when I first met her and held her in my arms.  A cry was wrung from my heart for her.  God heard that cry and the prayers of many others, and Dan and Jeannie Myers are His answer.

Three weeks from today, they will be in Pleven visiting her.

They are still waiting on God for the funds they need for that first trip and the fee that is due to their agency immediately upon their return.  The amount they are lacking is $9000.

So far, eight individuals have pooled their money together to form a matching grant. 

The matching grant now totals $2325. 

When the matching grant reaches $4500, half the amount Dan and Jeannie need, all donations given to Brandi’s fund after that will be doubled for a total of $9000. 

If you want to help Brandi’s matching grant reach $4500, please email me at

Thank you so much to everyone who is responding to this need!!