Jumping for JOY!

July 28, 2014 at 1:45 PM by Susanna

How can I ever thank you adequately for what you have done?  Today our family is rejoicing with Dan and Jeannie and so many of you as Brandi’s fund EXCEEDED THE GOAL!




Over the next few days, watch as the matching grant is added by the ELEVEN individuals who put it together, making the final total more than $24,500!

If you helped in any way to make this happen, BLESS YOU for what you did for this little girl!!!






Little drops of water…

July 27, 2014 at 12:14 PM by Susanna

…little grains of sand,
make the mighty ocean,
and the beauteous land.

Did you learn that old children’s rhyme when you were young?  It came to mind as I checked in on Brandi’s fund just now.  Slowly, slowly, it’s growing.  Little by little the donations are trickling in, but they are adding up to something much, much bigger.

This coming Saturday, Dan and Jeannie Myers and their five-month-old baby girl will head for the gorgeous country of Bulgaria to meet the little girl they will name Anna.


We are still $1,838 short of our matching grant goal of $19,742!


That’s eighteen people giving $100 and one person giving $38.

Or thirty-six people giving $50 and one person giving $38.

Or seventy-two people giving $25 and one person giving $38.

Or something like that.


We’ve been eagerly checking Brandi’s fund at least once a day, hoping to see that this financial burden has been lifted from Dan and Jeannie.

Part of the reason for my eagerness is that this week we are sending my laptop off for repairs and sending our oldest kids off to a cabin in the mountains as a thank you for their hard work over this past year.

I’ll be on my own with the eight littlest children and without my main internet tool, before Brandi’s matching grant goal is reached and with only a few days before Dan and Jeannie travel! 

So, dear blog readers, even if you aren’t the type to post things like this on your facebook page, would you consider doing it this time?  Dan and Jeannie sure could use the help!  Thank you so much!




While you’re there, please share that link with as many people as you can.  You may think you don’t have much to offer, but God specializes in multiplying our little into much!  Thank you for all you are doing to help, friends!


P. S.  After sweet Brandi’s matching grant challenge has been met, look for a big three-month Musser family update, complete with wonderful photos I’ve been saving up to show you and news like Tommy’s one-year DEXA scan results!


We love you, Brandi, and will not quit until the job is done~









Only $2,532 to go!

July 22, 2014 at 1:03 PM by Susanna


As soon as the last $2532 is given, and Brandi’s fund reaches $19,742, the matching grant will kick in with $4625, and Brandi’s fund will rise to $24,367!

$2,532 is mere pennies to God, friends!

So please keep on spreading the word, and if you haven’t taken the time to give yet, Dan and Jeannie surely could use the help now.

They are getting down to the wire, leaving next weekend for Bulgaria.

It is so lovely to see.

In the midst of your own busy lives, you are taking time to surround the Myers family with encouragement.  The moral support every gift adds is huge.  Now they know they have a multitude of brothers and sisters praying for them and willing to help.  This is not a small thing!

Bless you!!