How can I help?

February 24, 2015 at 12:42 AM by Susanna

After many months of waiting and praying, the time has finally come!  The opportunity to do something concrete to help another Pleven sweetie come home!

Friends, can we rally around Brandon’s family, Doug and Jackie Thornton?  An anonymous friend has offered a sizable matching grant–$5000–to help them raise their final adoption costs.

Yes, that says $5000!

We asked Doug and Jackie to please set up a YouCaring page, and you can find it BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Right now, their page tells us that a total of $40 has been raised, and that the page has been shared 10 times.  So here’s our challenge!

After the fund has reached $5000, the matching funds will be added to make a total of $10,000.

Please help spread the word to others who may want to be part of this opportunity!  Copy, paste, and share the following link:

(Or you can easily share it on Facebook from the YouCaring page itself.)

Then please give as much as you possibly can, and let’s watch that total grow!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything you do to help bring little ones home from Pleven.  Isn’t it great to be doing this together again?  I am so, so thankful to the Lord for each of you.












Are you ready for this?

February 23, 2015 at 11:29 PM by Susanna


Mikah has a family!!

God, You are so good!!!








Look who has a family!!

February 19, 2015 at 10:52 AM by Susanna





An experienced, loving couple has said, “Yes, God!” to adding precious Brandon to their family.  It looks like his new parents, Doug and Jackie Thornton, will be coming for him sooner than we could have imagined, because they are already well into the adoption process for little Reed.

Doug and Jackie, you are an answer to many prayers! What a gift these two little boys will be to you!


Reed Dec 2013


Friends, be watching for some upcoming matching grant opportunities!  Be ready to give generously to help bring Brandon home, and the rest of the children, too, as God sends families to them.


And keep on spreading the word and praying for families to come forward for the other children!


Little Owen had a family, but was recently re-listed for adoption.  Owen’s family, where are you??  Owen is a good-natured, interactive little boy with a mild medical condition that’s kept under control with medication.  He has been available for so long, and needs his own loving family to take him home from Pleven!

Please contact Shelley Bedford at with serious inquiries about adopting Owen.


Owen Mar 2014



Mikah!   I’ve been watching him grow up since that day four years ago when Sasha Bliss took a photo of him lying in his bed on the top floor of Pleven.   He was only eight years old then, and is now twelve.  Four more years of waiting!  Mikah’s family, please don’t wait any longer.  Say “Yes!”  He is so worth it!

Please email Shelley Bedford if you are seriously interested in adopting Mikah, at


Mikah 2014_2



Precious Tiya.  I can hardly wait to see a family gently scoop her up into their arms and hearts as Penny’s family did for Penny, Brandi’s family did for Brandi, and Ana’s family did for Ana.  Tiya’s family, I am praying diligently for you to come forward!

Please contact Shelley Bedford for more information about adopting this tiny girl into your family.