In which we again watch God provide.

October 17th, 2017

Hi friends!  Just taking a few minutes while the boys watch Phil Funk of DH Funk and Sons, LLC work on the retaining wall and final grade project behind our house to give you a polite reminder if you haven’t yet responded to the questions in THIS POST.  There are so many of you we’re still waiting to hear from!

The owner of a local hardscape company, Appel Hardscapes, came to give us an estimate on the most basic and modest retaining wall option last summer.  Something about the look of shock that passed over our faces when he named his estimate (or maybe it was his shock when he heard about our family!) must have stayed in his mind after we communicated our regrets and appreciation for his time.  He called later to tell us that if it was okay with us, he would put in a word with a local gentleman he knew who had a large sum of money waiting for the right need to come along.  It ended up being $5000!  And then yesterday he let us know he was donating his time, so we only owe the amount he’ll pay his worker for the day.  It was such a decent thing for a complete stranger to do, and we’re so grateful!

The supplier of the concrete blocks used for our wall, Musser Supply, turned out to be a distant relation!  They also turned out to be very nice to work with, and gave us a 10% discount on the materials.  Now hear this.  The $5000 almost exactly covers both the Musser Supply bill and the payment to the Appel Hardscapes workman!  Thank the Lord who makes the impossible possible!

And a heartfelt THANK YOU to Phil and Kathy Funk!  We are humbled by how you have poured out blessings on our family in many ways from the first day Kathy came bearing a month’s worth of groceries, to the many times you have shared your beautiful cabin in the mountains with us, to Josie’s shower seat, to the handmade bench Phil crafted out of one of our trees, to what turned out to be a sizeable and high quality job on this addition.  We would never be able to repay you for all you have given us!  You have become an integral part of our family’s story, and we thank God for you.



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9 Responses to “In which we again watch God provide.”

  1. Brett says:

    Dear beautiful Susanna,

    It’s me again – your admiring friend from afar. One who’s so not a fan of the organized part of religion and by that I mean when Spirit, Holy Spirit (wholly?) is set apart in fragments, rules, etc and can end excluding or diminishing those who most need human company on the trek to the Divine. You’ve been a huge catalyst for my biggest soul searching in recent years…

    It’s almost impossible to describe the feelings of wonder which have accompanied my realization that you are as much of a mystic – and I define it simply as one who craves union with God – as the anchoresses of another millennium but without the “luxury” of being in a veritable shoebox with a candle and an inkwell. I’m not mocking old school Catholicism – or any religion where Jesus is adored because who the heck am I, anyway? (A very rebellious Protestant,, actually heh)

    The sacred in the ordinary, the heroic in the pedestrian, whatever. You and Joe have set about a hard task in modern times by just keeping a family. That you both bear witness to your faith by adding to that sizeable bunch is very much taking God at His word. But.

    As I’ve mentioned before when it dawned on me that a lot of pebbles and boulders were being thrown at you through every imaginable dwelling made of glass, I became furious. And I knew that some of the sharpened rocks, to continue the metaphor, were thrown by those who would dare judge even though it’s a prime tenet of Christianity NOT to.
    My Catch-22? I was judging those who judged. Pretty much as toxic as my tendency to loathe bigots. Think you see where I’m going with this…

    Your rest is that thing I pray you’d never think twice about. You’ve taught me more about paying attention to progress in tiny places, joy in hard spaces and the relentless need to realize just what Jesus did for us that we benefit from daily.

    I don’t give as much to this planet as you do. But if I can tell you thank you across the miles and send you a little sister hug from a big older but not wiser woman, then I’ll have mattered to one of my heroes.

    From my heart,


  2. Cristin says:

    Is it possible for you, alone, to attend services?

  3. Aurelia Dalek says:

    Could you post an update about Verity’s schooling? I’d love to hear how she is doing.

  4. Susanna says:

    Aurelia, thanks for asking! That’s on my list of things to do, actually! Just waiting for the time! :)

  5. Emily says:

    Hi Susanna!
    I’m doing a persuasive speech as part of my college course, and I’m doing it on adoption with special needs. I was wondering if I could use Katie’s story, as well as some of her before/after picture as part of it. If not, that’s totally ok and I understand if you’re not comfortable with it. I won’t use her pictures without your permission.


  6. Sandi says:

    Once again I’m so encouraged by your words. Your words are a blessing because they are so transparent and because I relate to various parts of your story. Thank you for your vulnerable honesty. You bless and help me.

  7. Cassandra says:

    I’m with Aurelia, I’d love to hear about Verity’s adjustment to school. But I’m equally interested in your adjustment to having Verity at school! My best guess is that Verity is plugging along nicely, with good days and less good days. Otherwise, you wouldn’t keep her there because that’s the kind of mom you are – willing to tweak and adapt to best meet your children’s needs.

    Our homeschool year is going a little better than usual. Probably because I’ve said no to other committments even though I feel awful about it – committment’s like either being at myt mom’s house or being available for my mom on a moment’s notice. It’s a tough thing – balancing family of origin needs and the needs of the family my husband and I created. No matter which said I err on, I feel like I’m disappointing the other.

    I’ve digressed.

  8. Susanna says:

    Emily, yes, you may use her story and photos for this purpose. Thank you so much for asking permission first!

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