What can I give Him? Part 3: A Mother’s Rest

March 24th, 2017

At the end of January, Andrea Roberts, founder of the Reece’s Rainbow Down Syndrome Adoption ministry, sent an open letter to the Reece’s Rainbow community announcing her resignation as executive director and introducing the new ministry she is founding.

As I read her lengthy letter, Andrea’s words in the following paragraph resonated profoundly within me.

“In my heart, I feel deeply that there is an important aspect of service missing. Many of you know from personal experience that there can be a significant adjustment once home. You have to come crashing down from the high of fundraising and anticipation of the journey, and build your new normal. Many of you have faced very real hardships…These challenges impact the entire family.  I have witnessed these difficulties for ten years, and…I carry the weight of that on my shoulders.

The need across our community is great, and I feel compelled to address it in my own unique way.

This is a tremendous leap of faith for me. But I am feeling called to “A Mother’s Rest” now. When God says jump, you jump.

I invite you to visit my new website at A Mother’s Rest.  If this new vision is of interest to you, we are seeking investors and donors to support it. I’d love to speak with you more about it privately.

My new email address is innkeeper@amothersrest.org

You can learn about my “master plan”/overall vision on this link:  A Mother’s Rest Master Plan

You can also follow on Facebook: A Mother’s Rest Facebook page

And on Twitter:  A Mother’s Rest Twitter page.”



Immediately, I emailed her.

Dear Andrea,

I just finished reading your farewell letter and am compelled to write to you. Any of us who…have seen God use our influence to bring many other children into families share that tremendous burden you mentioned that you carry on your shoulders. I now feel very strongly that emotional and moral support to adoptive mom caregivers is primarily the ministry God has called me to…checking in with them, listening to them, praying for them, being someone safe they can count on for…emotional support. An in-real-life [special needs] adoptive moms’ group I began over four years ago is still going strong and has remained a safe and supportive and healing place to laugh and cry and be completely open about the hardest stuff.

…if God opens up any way for me to help with your new venture, my heart is so there.

Thank you and God bless you!



Andrea responded that she would love for me to be part of A Mother’s Rest (AMR) from the ground up–and then God did open up a way for me to be part of the first planning session, being held next month.  When Andrea does something, she does it with the vigor of an unstoppable force of nature, and the passion and hard work she’s pouring into this new ministry are no exception!

Now, I have some specific requests to make of you, dear readers!

First, and most important–

Could you please commit to praying that God will work miracles on behalf of the moms who are in the most urgent need of this rest and encouragement?  Because that’s what it’s going to take.  The moms who most desperately need respite are the ones who will find it most impossible to access.  When I say impossible, friends, that’s precisely what I mean.  During the months when Tommy was in our family, I would sometimes try and fail for weeks to find half an hour to run to Goodwill ten minutes away to look quickly for needed items.  I probably would have slept solidly through an entire respite weekend. I know that many moms are in this extremely stretched and stressful position now.  I also know that God is able to do the impossible.  Pray that He will make a way where there is currently NO WAY.  The need is so great.  Pray for miracles.  Thank you.


If you have questions, thoughts, ideas, insights that might be valuable for this fledgling ministry, please don’t hesitate to email Andrea at innkeeper@amothersrest.org or me if you prefer at susanna@theblessingofverity.com.  If you are a special needs mom and would like to be added to the official A Mother’s Rest facebook group, please email Andrea at her email address above.  As I write this, the group is three people shy of 1000 members.


If your heart is at all moved by this need, please click on this link to find one of the many possible ways to help with the mission of A Mother’s Rest.  No matter what your gifting is, it can be used for some aspect of this ministry. It will be a privilege to minister to these precious, exhausted parents of children with extra needs. You know, it’s not unusual for great movements of God to swell forward with or without a base of support, but it’s crucial that others come behind and build that firm and solid base to enable it to continue.  A Mother’s Rest will not fill the entire need, but it has so much potential and its time has definitely come.  Our fervent prayer is that it will bloom and grow to become one of many valuable resources to strengthen at-risk special needs families by nourishing the primary caregivers.


This blog has a small fraction of the readers it had while I was blogging frequently.  We could definitely use your help to please spread the word about this new ministry?  Here’s the link to copy and paste.  https://www.amothersrest.org/ 

Thank you so much, friends!  I love you all!


Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.


I’ve been going back and finding unpublished videos of Tom-Tom…








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One Response to “What can I give Him? Part 3: A Mother’s Rest”

  1. Melissa says:

    When we jumped feet-first into fostering as first-time parents of a 17-month old child, there were days when I felt like I might come apart at the seams. I wanted badly to be a mother but it was a hard adjustment. I feel like I might know a tiny little bit about the strain the moms who will need AMR have felt…so I will most definitely pray for this venture to go forward.

    I think of your family often. What a sweet moment of Tommy just being himself. :)

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