Urgent need for intercessory prayer

January 14th, 2017

[As I approach you with the next compelling need on my heart, I’m very much aware that the readership of this blog has of course fallen off since I stopped blogging regularly.  However, the truth is that God isn’t limited by what limits us.  He takes the pittance we have to offer Him and gets His work done.  Thus this series of needs, shared with much love and prayer.]


Tiny “Tiya” in Pleven first appeared on The Blessing of Verity in April of 2014.



I announced that she had a committed adoptive family in February of 2016.


And announced who her family is in September of 2016.  Last month, tiny girl became Tsvetomira Pearl Glewwe!

She is very much loved and wanted by her new family.


Matt and Andrea Glewwe (pronounced “GLEVV-ee”) brought Krassi home from Pleven in October of 2013.  You may remember him as “Kramer.”  Krassi has been home and thriving as part of the Glewwe brood for over three years now!  I’m looking forward to showing you his before and after photos in an upcoming post about a new need in the Pleven orphanage.

The time has finally come for the Glewwes to bring Tsvetomira home.  Andrea is planning to travel with her father and her oldest daughter.  They are also bringing home Bogomila, an older girl with cerebral palsy who is in a wheelchair fulltime.  Bogomila is in a group home on the way between Sofia and Pleven.

Friends, here’s where prayer is needed!

Tsvetomira is the most medically fragile child to be adopted from Pleven.  Her needs are comparable to those of “Brandi,” now Anna, only more so.  Do you remember praying for Anna on her way home?  Anna’s family nearly lost her on their trip home with her as you can read in the following posts:  Brandi is on her way HOME: Urgent prayer needed and Joyful Brandi news!

Adam Boroughs is planning to assist the Glewwes in bringing Tsvetomira home.  This is an answer to fervent prayer!

However, the Glewwes had, as Andrea put it, some big rugs pulled out from under them this week.  CHOP Adopt is unwilling to take Tsvetomira’s case on.  “Too much liability, or something like that…they, being not of His kingdom, have done a risk/benefit assessment, and decided that the benefits of helping her (and other kids in her state) are not worth the risk.”

Also, Dr. Lilova is not currently at the Tokuda Hospital in Sofia, which apparently means Tokuda will not be useful as backup medical help for the four and a half days that the Glewwes are still in country with Tsvetomira.

Here’s their travel timeline.  (All times are Bulgaria time, and Bulgaria is seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.)

At 11 am on Monday, January 23rd, the Glewwes arrive in Pleven to pick up Tsvetomira and take her back to Sofia.

Early in the afternoon on Thursday, January 26th, Adam arrives in Sofia.

At 7 am on Saturday, January 28th, Adam and the Glewwes fly out of Sofia.  There is one 1 1/2-hour layover in Amsterdam.

At approximately 12:50 pm Central Time, Saturday, January 28th, Adam and the Glewwes land in Minnesota.


Would you, dear readers, be willing to enter these dates and times into your calendar right now, as a reminder to pray?

Pray for help, provision and supernatural calm for the daunting medical, practical and emotional challenges facing every member of this expedition.   Pray for protection over the life of Tsvetomira.

Thank you, friends!  I will update here during that week if at all humanly possible.








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5 Responses to “Urgent need for intercessory prayer”

  1. Kenley says:

    Oh, I will be praying for this precious one!!!

    P.S. I’m not planning on unsubscribing, so you’ll always have one reader for whenever you do post something urgent!

  2. Brianna D. says:

    We are praying for this dear little girl and her loving parents. We thank the Lord that He is bigger than any problem! Nothing is too hard for Him!

  3. Heather says:

    I knew there was a reason God led me to open your blog this morning! Thank you for this — we will add the Glewwe’s to our prayers! He is the Great Physician and He has Tsvetomira in His hands! Prayers for this sweet girl and her family.

  4. Susanna says:

    Kenley, Brianna, and Heather, and those who contacted me privately, thank you so much for praying for her!

  5. Kelly Ann says:

    I have been thinking about this beautiful little girl since I found RR a few years back. I am so happy this family has adopted her. Of course, I will be sending love and prayers to the family, friends and sweet Tiya!!!! <3

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