Pray for Tsvetomira!

January 28th, 2017

Tsvetomira did well on most of the long trip home to the States with the exception of some prolonged seizure activity close to the end of the last flight which was brought under control by Diastat.

Once she arrived in the closest hospital this afternoon, she took a severe turn for the worse.  However, the medical professionals were not listening to what Andrea had to say or to what Adam told them before he left.  Without going into details, Mira’s condition was declining so rapidly that Andrea was afraid for her life.

Now she has been transferred to the children’s hospital that Matt and Andrea use for their other children.  Andrea is much more comfortable that the doctors are listening to her and doing all they can to help.  They plan to talk with Adam once his plane has landed back on the East Coast and he’s available by phone again.

Please pray that God would spare the life of this very much loved little girl!  Pray that He would allow her to stabilize and be discharged to go home and experience the love of her new family.  Pray for His grace to flow like a river to the whole Glewwe family, and that all would sense His everlasting arms bearing them up through this very stressful time.  Pray that Matt and Andrea’s trust in Him would shine like a light to all the medical professionals who will come in contact with this precious family.

Thank you, praying friends!


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2 Responses to “Pray for Tsvetomira!”

  1. Ruth G says:

    Have been praying and will continue to. Thank you for the update!

  2. Thank you so much, Ruth, and everyone else who has been faithfully praying! The last I heard, Tsvetomira is stable now, and her medical team is taking her seriously, thank the Lord!

    I’m waiting to hear back from exhausted mama Andrea about which grocery store and restaurant gifts cards and gas cards would be useful for them during this time.

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