Not a surprise to God!

June 8th, 2016

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We’re scratching our heads over the withdrawal of a significant donation to Annie’s fund.  I have never heard of this happening before and am hoping it was simply a technical difficulty such as an overdrawn bank account.  The Carpenters were only given a few weeks to raise the funds that families usually have many months to raise.  We were rejoicing with every additional gift to their fund; rejoicing to see them draw closer to their goal.  Wait, what?  The total went DOWN?  What’s that all about?

I told Stephanie this morning that our family found out recently that the folks who committed to volunteering their labor to build the retaining wall behind Josie’s room let us know that they will not be following through with this project.  The wall has to be there to pass inspection, we have a time limit of one year to complete the entire addition project, and every time it rains, more mud comes down off that hill.  This was after learning that a significant amount of funds we’d been counting on from a donor (no agreement papers were signed) would also not be coming through.

So what’s this all about?  What will we as believers do when we face challenges like this?  Will we give way to fear or worry or resentment?


This is our heavenly Father asking us, His children, if we will still trust Him.

Brian, Stephanie, Joe and I all agree…we keep on looking to the LORD to provide what HE knows we need.  He knows what He is doing even when it looks like the funds are headed in the wrong direction.

No matter how long we walk with Him and how many extremely faith-stretching and faith-growing experiences He brings us through, as long as we are alive and breathing on this earth we will never reach the point where we have arrived.  There will always be the next opportunity to trust Him for the next humanly impossible need that looms before us.

We believe the story is not all about us.  It’s about Him and what He is doing in His people and in His world.   He chooses our journey; He chooses our provisions; He chooses the outcomes.

Furthermore, as His beloved children, His grace is constantly available to us.  Because of this, we can live in peace, contentment and gratitude for all He has done.  We can even rejoice in seeming setbacks, because it’s part of the adventure He has planned for us–we get to watch Him do the humanly impossible again!

We may not know HOW He will provide, but we know He WILL.

Because He said He would, and our Father always keeps His Word.





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2 Responses to “Not a surprise to God!”

  1. Cassandra says:

    Hi Susanna,

    That is odd, withdrawing a donation. Do you have a sense of what that might be about? Of course it could be as simple as somebody in an unexpected financial crisis.

  2. Susanna says:

    No real idea, Cassandra!

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