Important Annie Update!

June 4th, 2016

Hi everyone, this is Sasha!

Here are some things that have been going on around here:

Our I800A is being taken care of!
Plane tickets are purchased!
We got our Letter Of Acceptance!!

This is all wonderful news!

Our next two goals to FINISH our fundraising are:

~Our in-country expenses

~Annie’s orphanage donation…this is an additional $8,900 dollars that we had not anticipated when we set our YouCaring goal. We had hoped because Annie is aging out that it would be waived. If you go to our YouCaring link now, the page reflects this change in our goal.

We would still like to end the fundraiser on June 7th, my parents’ 25th anniversary.  Our agency is requiring us to have all the fees paid before we travel. We have learned from previous deadlines (homestudy, dossier etc.) that they will not send the documents forward until everything is paid.

This is our FINAL PUSH to the END. Please, now is the time to SHARE and GIVE.
We have had several people ask: What happens to the money if you do not make it (can it be refunded and given to someone else)? This is no longer a question of IF…it is a question of WHEN the funds will be raised for our trip in THREE WEEKS, June 24th. Time is ticking away against our goal. I know we can do it. The Lord has moved mountains for Annie. Will you be a part of moving this final obstacle for her? She NEEDS all of us.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us on our Race to China!

~Sasha Carpenter

God has answered Annie’s prayers for a family!



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  1. Cassandra says:

    Thanks for this update, Sasha. Wouldn’t every sibling love a sister like you?!

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