But mostly joys

June 10th, 2016

Today marks the end of the school year for Josie and Katie and the beginning of what promises to be one of the busiest summers our family has ever had, starting with a siding day tomorrow and the whole church invited for a picnic on Sunday, all the way through minor medical procedures and a major road trip!  We’ve been healthy and happy, experiencing all the joys and challenges you might expect (and some you might not expect!) from a supersized family with adoption and lots of special needs in the mix.  Latest challenge?  No home health aide, so we’re adding a second agency and planning our strategy for the weeks when Laura will be gone.  

The other night, Josie and I were hanging out together before she went to sleep, and she said contemplatively, “I think I’m just at the beginning of my adventures with the Mussers.”

I’ll try to pop in now and again with some brief updates and photos, including photos of Josie’s room when it’s finished!  Have a wonderful summer, everyone!

P.S.  Leaving you for now with an excellent article our oldest son Joseph sent me this morning with the note, “Well worth the 16 minute read time.”  Struggle and the Christian Life




















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7 Responses to “But mostly joys”

  1. MamaV says:

    Your major road trip isn’t to visit us, is it? :-):-)
    You know we would welcome you!

  2. Susanna says:

    Virginia, maybe someday! But we’d give you a lot more warning, and it wouldn’t be in the summertime!

  3. Esther Paris says:

    Where is that gorgeous pool?

  4. Susanna says:

    It’s the community pool in a nearby town, Esther. It was an incentive event for the kids in Josie’s middle school whose grades and behavior qualified them. Laura went along so Josie could get in the water, because none of the school aides were getting in. :) It was a tad on the chilly side, but the girls enjoyed the day.

    I had the last photo open on my laptop the other evening, and Laura walked in to ask me a question. She saw the photo and stopped and looked at it quietly for a few moments. Then she said, “That’s my sister. I love her.”

  5. Susanna says:

    They are both beautiful girls inside and out and I love them so much it hurts. How is it that I have been so blessed?

  6. Esther Paris says:

    Swimsuit-shyness prevents most of the aides at my school from going in pools too. That & hair concerns. I have a cute suit, my hair is wake-&-shake style, and I love a good pool. So I’d be hopping in!

  7. Susanna says:

    Esther, AND you’re sensible and not consumed with unhealthy body image issues. Makes you more free to serve and help other people!

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