Another book giveaway: Hope for the Caregiver and Beside Bethesda

June 27th, 2016

Hello friends,

The lady who gave us the “Hope for the Caregiver” books just passed along the rest of what she had in her box–eight more copies, along with $20 to help toward postage!  This book is a quick, easy read full of bluntly-stated common sense from a man with decades of personal experience as the primary caregiver for his severely disabled wife.  I wrote a bit more about it HERE.  Joe and I want to send these books to those who need to read them and who will pass them on to others when they’re finished reading.

The same lady (leader of the disability ministry in a church in our area) also gave us her last four copies of the daily devotional, “Beside Bethesda: 31 Days to a Deeper Healing,” by Joni Eareckson Tada.  This book holds encouraging truths for someone living with chronic pain or hardship.  (It reminds me a bit of a modern version of “Beside Still Waters,” by Charles Spurgeon.)  Again, we would love to send these to folks who will find them helpful and then pass them on to others.

So we have a dozen brand new books to give away!  Fun!

Please email me at with your name, mailing address, and which book you are requesting.

I will publish a new blog post to announce when all copies of each book have been promised.

Love you all!

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Note: Angela H, Laurie H, Jen J, Ruth M, and Jeunesse N, we set aside five copies of the “Hope” book for you before offering the remaining eight books, since you were first in line after the last giveaway was over.  We have your mailing information and plan to mail your books out to you this weekend.


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One Response to “Another book giveaway: Hope for the Caregiver and Beside Bethesda”

  1. KMT says:

    When I saw your first post, I ordered the book Hope for the Caregiver. I never thought that there’d be books for those of us in this position, but I’m learning that there are even caregiver support groups. It’s funny, but when I thought of caregivers, I think of those who are taking care of people with Alzheimer’s and not about people like me.

    I’m starting to think in different terms now and see ways to change my own home to create spaces for my girls that meet their changing needs as well as provide ways I can supervise them easier. You keep inspiring me and I thank you for that!

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