In 6 1/2 weeks…

May 14th, 2016

…Annie will turn 14 years old.

Did you know that she is trying her best to learn English so she is ready when her daddy and mommy adopt her?

Annie wheelchair[1]


Friends, many of you have been an incredible help and support to Brian and Stephanie over the past month.  At the time I am writing this, only $288 more and their fund will stand at $13,400, exactly HALF the amount they need to bring Annie home!  Every time I see the Carpenters’ Race to China 2016 YouCaring fund grow, my heart jumps and I whisper a thank you to God.  THANK YOU to every one of you who has shared, prayed, and given!

To those of you who haven’t yet helped with Annie’s need, I unashamedly plead with you–even if you aren’t the type to share needs like this on social media, would you please be willing to consider doing it this time?  Even if you can’t find the words to add, could you copy and paste the following link onto your Facebook page or other sharing platform? 

I beg you, please don’t stand by, hoping others will step in and fill the gap.  Please share her urgent need with all your friends and relations, ask them to pass it along to others, and trust that God will use your obedience to help bring this little girl home next month.

Brian and Stephanie are wonderful at nurturing children with special needs from hard places and Sasha is such a gentle and caring big sister.  I have witnessed this multiple times with my own eyes, friends!  I am so grateful Annie is joining their family!  But they’re not there yet!  Let’s stick with them until their goal is met!  PRAY…SHARE…GIVE

Thank you so much, everyone!!


From Sasha Carpenter~

Last week, Ting Ministries spoke at the CAFO Conference in Orlando, FL. Mom did a presentation on special needs adoption.
At the conference, she met three people who know Annie and have been praying for her to have a family for years!  They know that Annie has been praying for a family, as she has watched her friends leave after being adopted.

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to share at the church I go to when I’m at school in Lewisburg.

I look out the window and see the trees blossoming, leaving pink leaves sprinkled everywhere and I realize how blessed I am. I have school work to finish up, the summer to look forward to…and yet, my heart is already thousands of miles away in China.

As far as our adoption process goes…

We are praying for I800 A approval, and the dossier will head to China as soon as that comes through.

The second half of the funding is needed for in-country expenses and travel.


Please be praying…

~Pray for a speedy I800 A approval!

~Pray that God will provide the remaining $13,688 needed for travel!

~Also pray for Annie as she realizes her birthday is coming closer and closer!

Annie wheelchair[1]






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