Help needed for the final push: Calling siding guys!

February 18th, 2016

Our builder has asked us to send out one more request for help, this time for both skilled and unskilled laborers to put the siding on the addition.  Since we are cutting it close financially as we approach the end of this adventure, having volunteer labor for the siding would be a huge help, and we are trusting God to provide!

We’re down to the last details before applying for the occupancy permit–installation and hookup of the toilet and sink plumbing, laundry room flooring followed by installation and hookup of our two sets of stackable washers and dryers in their new space, and the siding.  The rest of the details, like installing the remaining trim and shelving for the addition as well as repainting the former girls’ room for Daniel and Joshua, are not crucial for receiving that permit.

Anyone in our area who would enjoy helping put up the siding?  Please email us at!

Thank you so much, friends!



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