Happy birthday to us!

January 30th, 2016


Today was a happy day for Josie and me.  We got to celebrate our birthday together for the first time!

Her party will be on Monday evening, so she still has surprises to look forward to.  She has every detail of her special meal all chosen!


I was given some of the best gifts ever for this birthday.

~A sweet card from Josie.



~A text from Joe telling me that he went to the barber shop for a haircut to give me a break.

“Awesome!  Thank you!”

“Happy birthday!”


~A little outing for Josie–to the grocery store with Laura to pick out her birthday treats.






A girl on a mission.  <smile>



Aha!  And who should they spy but Joe, Jane and Stephen doing the family grocery shopping!  







~A bag of Dove milk chocolate from Daniel, an unexpected but always welcome gift.

~My cousin’s oldest daughter who came here from afar for the weekend to meet us for the first time and to do some painting–hurrah!




We’re so glad you turned out to be the nice sort of person, J!  You are welcome here anytime!



The laundry room is actually a deep coral and not this hideous magenta my cell phone captured.  But alas, my real camera met its demise in a sizable snowdrift last week, dropped by a child who shall remain unnamed!



A photo Daniel took to show you the correct color~



~The yummy soft taco meal sent to us by J’s employer, which was a substantial help on this crazy busy Saturday!

~Plenty of happiness and high spirits.  God has continued to pour out rivers of grace onto us during this adventure, waiting, waiting, waiting for the addition to be finished.  We are so grateful to Him for what we see Him doing in our family throughout this time!



But last night, Josie summed up this particular birthday excellently.


“Yes, Josie?”

“We got our best early birthday present when Nathaniel was born.”

“I agree, Josie!  Except for one thing.”


“I got two best early birthday presents!  I got one on December 23rd when you came home, and the other on January 7th when Nathaniel Job was born.  You, Josie, are one of the best gifts ever.”


Our two newest gifts.  She asks to hold him every single day.









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54 Responses to “Happy birthday to us!”

  1. Joni says:

    Oh, such fun and happy news! Of course it is your choice to keep the wonderful news of your (then upcoming) Little Blessing, Nathaniel to yourselves until you are ready to share the excitement with us, your blog friends. I sure understand why you chose to do it this way — and it’s fun that we didn’t have to wait and wonder, but just got to know about the baby when he’s already born. Lucky baby, to be born with so much love surrounding him! It’s been so nice to ‘see’ Josie join your family, too! Congratulations to you all!

  2. Laura G says:

    I appreciate wanting your privacy, and it made me smile to see this post, once I figured out what was going on! May your adjustments this year be full of grace and your new kids bring you endless blessings.

  3. lynn menold says:

    Susanna and family, how Great IS our GOD! I am so thankful you found the Grace to keep this secret and protect yourself and your family. This is your priority. Isn’t it humbling how GOD will give us “beauty for ashes” even in this life. HE is so good and faithful. Blessings to you all. Lynn

  4. HeatherK says:

    I just heard your happy news today Susanna and wanted to send a huge congratulations to your family!! Blessings, HeatherK

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