Gingerbread house day!

December 6th, 2015

From the very first time Josie came to stay with our family, the very first moment her beaming face emerged from her van and I got all teary-eyed and choked up as I welcomed her, my heart has been more and more knit to her.  God working His brand of magic, knocking my NO signs out of the way, opening my heart to the next child He had for us, the child I was so adamant there could and would never be again.

During these months of waiting to bring Josie home, when it’s been a while since the last time we saw her, I begin to wonder whether our family will be a bit much for her.  Not everyone can take our family in stride, you know!  And then the real Josie comes and my phantom worries dissipate.  She embraces it all with gusto, entering right into the noise and commotion as if she had been blooming in this corner of the world all her life.  She fits here as neatly as if God had designed us for her and her for us.

Every time I enter the facility where she has been staying since June, I’m more eager for December 23rd. We can see that the staff do their best to be caring and conscientious, but it’s not home and family.  Last Sunday, when Josie was choosing which gingerbread houses to take back to rehab to share, I asked her about how many nurses take care of her.  “There are hundreds of nurses at rehab,” she replied.

Tomorrow, there are only sixteen days until she comes home!  She can’t wait; we can’t wait!

Truly, the dullest day at our house beats the most lively day at rehab.

And when is there ever a boring day here???


All photos courtesy of Mindy Walls…imagine them accompanied by happy chatter and Christmas music~






































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9 Responses to “Gingerbread house day!”

  1. Deanna Rabe says:

    Gosh, Susanna, I just got teary eyed looking at Josie’s face while she is checking out hers and Laura’s room! I’m happy to have had a tiny part in the planning for making this an awesome teen girls room! Joy, Joy, Joy!

  2. Maureen says:

    Hi Susanna, Thank you for the beautiful post! It just blessed my heart to see your older children caring and loving Josie. God is good!!!!!

  3. MamaV says:

    She looks excited to be a Musser ;-)

  4. Jane says:

    My goodness, the love in these photos is filling me to the brim. Love to all of you this Christmas season.

  5. J says:

    I am so happy for this sweet girl! To be where she is wanted and loved and welcomed and greeted so enthusiastically, must be so healing to the confusion in her young heart after so many changes and upsets in her life. I am happy that you all found one another and that the things needed for her to come home have come together. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cassandra says:

    A true Christmas miracle – family finds daughter, daughter finds home. God is revealed.

    The photos all tell a story, of course. But the mutual admiration between L and J is lovely to see.

    Only because I know being traditionally verbal makes life easier, and not because I believe it is inherently better, I was delighted to read that J’s language skills are fabulous (Re: comment about Nursing). I can’t wait to hear the insights you glean from this child as she will know things that we can’t imagine.

    Is the process by which she is becoming familly known as “re-homing?” Maybe that’s too nosey of me to ask and if so, I apologize.

    God is good, all the time. We just need to believe it when the chips are down (said more to myself than to you!).

  7. Susanna says:

    Cassandra, the love and bond between Josie and our family is mutual, with her staff at rehab telling me how she lights up, glowing and chattering with excitement when she talks about us or spends time with us. She has the same effect on us that we do on her. :) She is a beautiful person and gift from God and we love her more every time we are with her! We’re so ready for her to break out of there and join us in the adventure!

  8. Blessed says:

    This post is totally making me cry, in a good way. Esp. after reading backwards from the post you just made about the Christmas tree–the awkward mess brought into your house when it is already full enough. YES that is where my heart is this year too! Your family makes me so happy. YES to being Christ in the world! May He continue to pour out His grace and blessings on you all!

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