Adoption Day feast!

September 8th, 2015

Last Saturday evening, our family had the privilege of participating in a small annual Adoption Day celebration.  Six countries of origin were represented by ten adopted children.

It was a delectable feast!  Katie enjoyed everything she was able to eat!



Kate was the only child present from Bulgaria, and our contribution to the meal was our favorite Bulgarian dish, Shepherd’s Salad.  Our children like it because it doesn’t contain any greens.  Bulgarians have a true gift for blending fresh salad flavors and their salads are the best I have ever eaten!  If you make this salad, be sure to use delectable English cucumbers, which are always tender and never bitter.  I was spoiled by my visits to Bulgaria, and can’t eat common cucumbers any more, as they are inedible in comparison.

It’s even better the second day.  Yum!  This photo doesn’t do it justice, but it still makes my mouth water~



Katie’s favorite part of the evening was waving her Bulgarian flag!

There are many reasons to love Bulgaria, and by our last visit there, we felt surprisingly at home.  But most of all, we love Bulgaria because it’s where this beautiful girl came from!












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2 Responses to “Adoption Day feast!”

  1. KT says:

    Very good, Verity!

    I’m glad that her progress is rapid and readily measurable so that it makes the sacrifice easier to handle. I know I get discouraged after long periods of time of no progress with my girls.

  2. Mary says:

    That’s an awesome idea to celebrate like that! Can’t wait to start something like that here soon!

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