March 6th, 2015

That’s what Brandon’s fund is right now!

It’s been sitting at $3535 and 59 shares for a couple of days now, so if you haven’t donated or shared on social media yet, now is a great time!

Just $1465 to go!

A huge thank you to the 20 wonderful people who added what you could to the fund.  You are one in a thousand!  I get choked up and thank the Lord every time I see a new donation, no matter the size.  I know firsthand the moral support it gives to an adopting family.  THANK YOU!!

I’m blogging about this need and only this need until it is met, because it’s high priority.

This need is high priority because Brandon, waiting in a loveless group home run by those who severely neglected him for the first eight years of his life, is high priority. 




Would you please join me in praying to the One who is sending Doug and Jackie Thornton to adopt Brandon?  Pray that He will send them the finances and encouragement they need to do this task He gave them.

It’s so crucial when fundraising to keep our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus.  It’s His work and we can trust Him to prompt those of us who need a kick in the rear to step up and do the part He assigns us!

So I’m blogging my heart out for this handsome little man and keeping my eyes on JESUS for the last $1465 of his fund!








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5 Responses to “Stuck”

  1. Jessica Hayes says:

    Just checked and it’s up to $4,315! With 64 shares :-)

  2. Lauren S. says:

    It has been so amazing to watch this fund grow. I keep saying to myself what you’ve written before, that God can pour out money like water. This situation seems just like that!

  3. Susanna says:

    Yes, it is awesome to see! Up to $4390 now! And I happen to know there’s another $200 headed to them! Soooo close now! THANKING GOD!!

  4. NOT stuck anymore!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

  5. Susanna says:


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