Needed! Faithful helpers!

June 19th, 2014

1)  To the seventeen dear people who contributed to the Lelyas for Pleven fund here or here, I want to say…


THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Your generosity is not minimized in any way when I bug everyone else by saying…


Friends!!!  We can do better than this!!!


I’m not saying that because I’m giving in to negativity. I’m saying that because it’s true!  We can do WAY better than seventeen contributors in almost three weeks!


The character of God is to be faithful.  The current cultural character trend is to be here today, gone tomorrow.  Brief trends that die away once the next big splash comes along, like little children chasing after bubbles that pop and are gone forever with nothing of value left behind.

Whose character will we reflect?


Have you read the stories of Katie and Tommy and the other children in the Pleven orphanage, and wished there was something you could do to help?

Dr. Georgieva, the outstanding director of the “new” Pleven orphanage, has come to us asking for help.  There are some specific resources on the ground in Bulgaria, and where they are available for the children in Pleven, they are being accessed.  But there are several key areas where outside help is greatly needed, and we have the resources and ability to help in these areas.

Help is greatly needed!  I have an upcoming blog post that will talk a bit more about current conditions for the children in the Pleven orphanage.

The children in Pleven need a large amount of help and they need it over the long term.  They need faithful givers.

Can we help?  We sure can, if we all do what we can!


Do you have five dollars to spare?  Then you can help by giving it!

Very few of us can honestly say we can’t come up with a few extra dollars.  I know it’s true.  You know it’s true.  What seems little to us goes a loooong way in the hands of Dr. Georgieva!  And it will have a much more life-changing and lasting impact than many things we could spend that $5 on!


Do you have a facebook or other social media account?  Then you can help by sharing this need!

If your friends aren’t familiar with the Pleven story, here’s a direct link you can share that contains a lot of the story all in one place:

Here’s the direct link to the blog post explaining the new S.T.A.R.S. non-profit in greater detail:

For a shorter version, here’s the direct link to the Pleven Project website:

Here’s the direct link for US tax-deductible donations:

Here’s the direct link for donations to The Pleven Project in Bulgaria:

Copy and paste the links freely!  Share them freely!

Introduce them to Katie before, tiny and weak at 9 years old.



And Katie after, a happy, healthy, progressing little 12 year old!



Most people either have no idea of the reality of institutionalization of disabled people in Eastern Europe or they think it happened only in the past and has been remedied.  Share the direct link to this video and explain that abandonment of babies with special needs to neglectful institutions still happens today all across Eastern Europe and that the older children in Pleven will go to a mental institution like this if there is no other option for them before it’s too late.

Share it, share it, share it!


Do you have a very big God?  Then you can help by praying that He would raise up faithful people to give financially and in other ways!


Do you enjoy hands-on projects?  Then you can help by putting on a fundraiser, large or small, with proceeds to be donated to the Pleven fund! 

Planning a yard sale this summer?  Put up signs to explain your purpose and donate the proceeds to the Pleven Project!  Do you own a business?  Donate a percentage of one month’s proceeds to the Pleven Project, and make sure you let your customers know what it’s all about!  Get with your small group and brainstorm a fundraiser for the Pleven Project this summer!  You won’t regret the time you spend for the sake of these little ones!


Do you have other talents to offer?  Maybe you are meant to meet one of these needs!   The Pleven Project needs professional-quality volunteers in fundraising, social media, and web design, someone to be a contact person for the nonprofit, and someone with experience in planning mission trips.  Don’t wait any longer to offer your talents…

…especially if you have talent and experience in non-profit fundraising!  So far none of us who are working on this project have a single fundraising bone in our bodies!  We urgently need a gifted fundraiser to join the team!  If that person is you, please don’t wait to be asked again!


Okay, friends, here’s your challenge!   Let it not be said of us that we disappear once the big party is over and there are floors to be swept, chairs to be put away, tables to wipe down, and piles of dirty dishes waiting to be washed.  God can use what you have to give!  Turn up the music, throw me a dish towel, join the after-party party!  Let’s all pitch in together and GET THE PLEVEN JOB DONE!!!




Share it!

8 Responses to “Needed! Faithful helpers!”

  1. Ashley Smith says:

    I thought I’d offer my time and see if there is anything I can do to help.  I don’t  really have fundraising skills, but I do have really strong excel, access, and data managing skills, as well as basic clerical/organizational/finance management skills.  We just completed a Bulgarian adoption, though not from Pleven, and I’d love to do what I can to help out.  
    Please let me know if there’s anything I can do!

  2. Susanna says:

    Ashley, thank you, thank you!! Your skills sound like they would be a major asset! Emailing you!

  3. Sarah says:

    Thank you for posting this reminder. My husband and I had talked about it when you first posted about the need, then completely forgot about it. Just fixed that :). I love reading about your adoptions and family!

  4. Linda Duncan says:

    Susie, I am sending in a check to the Pleven Project (through Victoria) to sponsor Kolina’s Baba (Lelya) for a year.  She was one of the few who returned to see the kids and I was thrilled to see that she has taken on another child.  I know Kolina’s transition to our family wouldn’t have been as easy if it wasn’t for her.  Just wanted to you to know and maybe encourage other families to support their child’s Baba (Lelya) in thanksgiving.

  5. Susanna says:

    Linda, what an awesome idea, friend!

  6. Gina in Spain says:

    Susanna, thank you for this reminder…I tried the first day but my credit card was rejected…??? And I never remembered to go back I did and used another card and it was accepted…I also shared this to my FB page so all my friends could see it…HUGS….

  7. Lauren says:

    I would love to contribute web design & graphic design skills if you are still in need . Please contact me at the laurendraws (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  8. Susanna says:

    Thank you, Lauren! I’m so excited to read your offer! Emailing you…

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