God is on the move!!

June 4th, 2014

Hello Susanna,

My husband and I have followed your journey with Katie for quite a while now, and our hearts have been moved by your Pleven Project. We would like to cover the $2000 startup costs for your nonprofit.

How do we begin?




Hi Susanna,
I have been reading The Blessing of Verity and praying for you since I heard about it when you were adopting Katie.
I just read your post…about STARS.
That sounds incredibly exciting.
Does STARS have an accountant experienced in non-profit?
I have been a non-profit accountant for over 25 years and have helped multiple non-profits set up their accounting systems so they can be transparent and accountable for the money donated.
If there already is someone, wonderful. If not, I would love to help get things set up.




This is how God works, friends!  He knows what He’s doing, and it’s so fun to watch Him do it!

Have you checked the two thermometers lately?

Lelyas for Pleven direct donations

Lelyas for Pleven tax deductible donations

When our God does something, He does it right.  He knows that the Pleven orphanage is not a good place for little children to live, He hasn’t forgotten those who are still waiting there, and He has given us the privilege of being able to do something to do about it!

We can provide loving Lelyas to help the children with special needs, from the tiniest babies who still hold all their potential all the way up to the oldest children who were so hurt by neglect and have aged out of their last opportunity to be adopted into a family.  All of them need Lelyas to get them out of their beds and interact with them in the ways they most need it.

Those thermometers may be taking their good ol’ time to rise, but the need will be met!  Just like we do with Tommy and Katie, we are choosing to take the long view and refusing to be discouraged when we don’t see a quick response.

God’s got this!

We’re keeping our eyes on HIM and trusting HIM to provide for the little ones left in Pleven!

HE will do it!


August, 2011, 9 years old~



Home for 2 1/2 years~



Mindy Walls_MG_5930


Mindy Walls_MG_5949


January, 2013, almost 16 years old~

2013-01-10 009


Home almost one year~

Mindy Walls_MG_6117


Mindy Walls_MG_5928


Mindy Walls_MG_6196



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2 Responses to “God is on the move!!”

  1. Taylor-Tots Mom says:

    Praise God for His movement!!  When He gives a work, He funds it!

  2. Rachel M says:

    Praise the Lord!! He works even when we don’t 

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