Calling all Pleven parents!! *Please read*

June 6th, 2014

Would those of you who have adopted older children from Pleven (ages 4 and over) be willing to help me with a big before and after post I’m planning?

I’m hoping to include as many of the children as possible. If you want to participate, could you please email me at

Thank you so much for helping with this!







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3 Responses to “Calling all Pleven parents!! *Please read*”

  1. MamaV says:

    I wish… We are so excited for our “after”!

  2. sonja says:

    Hi Susanna, I am sorry if I startled you at the children’s hospital Friday (I’m the mom of the quadruplets).  I didn’t stop to say hi to the kids because you seemed very caught off-guard.  Truth is, I was so surprised to see a blogger I’ve been reading regularly in front of my eyes that I probably just sounded awkward.  I am sorry again — I felt like I should’ve just kept walking but my surprised greeting was out of my mouth before I could catch myself.  Anyway, I just wanted to say that your story and your children have been a real inspiration to me.  We have 4 preemies, as I said, and two with special needs, so I really am moved by your work in Pleven and your daily life that you so generously share.  I keep you all in my prayers.  Due to infertility more biological children aren’t in the cards for us, but I have harbored a hope that adoption might be an option for us in the future.  
    All the best and sorry again to have startled you!

  3. Susanna says:

    Sonja, it was great to meet you and I’m so glad you said something! Even though I wasn’t expecting to meet a blog reader on our way into the hospital, it made the day much more special! Thank you!

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