P.L.E.V.E.N. Project Giveaway!

January 2nd, 2014


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If you’ve considered buying a P.L.E.V.E.N. Project t-shirt, now is the time!

23 t-shirts have been sold so far.

If 150 shirts are sold by the fifteenth of this month, the donors will be entered into a giveaway to win a Kindle Fire HD 7″ tablet!

Dr. Georgieva is ready to hire needed staff and could have them working in the orphanage in January if the money comes in.

The need is great, friends!




$45,000 will fund…

TEN new babas,

TWO additional physical therapists [Dr. Georgieva has many quality/qualified applications on her desk],

ONE psychologist, and

TWO security guards…



Isn’t it incredible how money stretches so much further in Bulgaria than it does here?

Even so, $45,000 looks like a lot of money!

$45,000 may be daunting to us but it’s nothing to God.  He’s proven His faithfulness to care for the fatherless over and over again!

So pray with confidence that He will provide these funds for the children left in the Pleven orphanage, give as you are able and then give a little more, and order t-shirts!

Don’t forget to share the giveaway link as well!



Thank you, faithful friends!  You are a blessing!!


My Album 7-002






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