Guest post: Salome

January 31st, 2014

[NOTE: The following guest post was written by a passionate advocate for orphans with special needs. This woman and her husband put their beliefs into action–they blessed our family last year by paying the entire airfare for Joe and me to travel during both trips to Bulgaria for Tommy’s adoption. They even paid half of Joseph’s airfare, although they had not originally committed to this extra expense.]


Today I am sharing about a little treasure, a beautiful little girl named “Salome” on Reece’s Rainbow or “Natasha” on Maya’s Hope.

Salome has until March 13th to find a family!

Like so many children who have spent most of their lives in cribs, Salome is tiny. She doesn’t look like a teenager at all.



With the minimal amount of therapy, provided by Maya’s Hope, Salome is now able to sit up! Imagine how much she would blossom in a family.




Here is a video of her laughing; she has the most beautiful giggle. What I wouldn’t give for a family to give her love and tickles every day!


And here is a video of her vocalizing her needs and opinions! This video brought tears to my eyes. How well she would do with the love of consistent caregivers and therapies!

Here is one last video that precious Salome is the star of! Please watch it and fall in love with her as I have.

Clearly this little angel deserves so much more than what she has been given.


Even if you cannot adopt her, please pray for her to find a family. PLEASE share her on Facebook or Twitter or with friends and family. Please help us find a family for beautiful, deserving Salome.

Click HERE to access her Reece’s Rainbow profile, she has a grant of over $7000 and it is growing!

In order to adopt Salome, a family needs to have an 1600A form filled out and sent to the USCIS lockbox by her birthday on March 13th. It must be mailed in with a money order for $720 and a second money order with $85 per person over 18 in your household for fingerprinting. That is it!

Please don’t let this treasure become lost forever.





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  1. Rachel M says:

    Oh those videos broke my heart. will be praying

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