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November 13th, 2013

2012-11-05 001 2012-08-14 012

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  1. Donna Dushku says:

    We hired 3 nurses about one year ago to work on the 6th floor of Pleven Orphanage where Verity was a patient before you adopted her. These three nurses have been funded through Shelley Bedford of Reese’s Rainbow. I want you to know that the conditions have improved but not as much as we would like. Our nurses have been excellent and have greatly improved the care for the children there. We are trying to have two incubators donated through a U.S. company for them. I just emailed pictures of Verity to our director in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I have asked Nikolai to show the pictures to the staff at the orphanage so to teach them that these children can thrive. May God continue to bless you and your family for the wonderful life you give to your children. Sincerely, Donna

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