The Pleven Project: Two contests!

October 21st, 2013


Hello friends!

If you’ve been reading here for a while, and are familiar with the story of the Pleven baby house, please continue reading below.

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NOTE:  After you have read through the update below, be sure to check out our contests at the bottom of this post! 




For some time now, big dreams for the Pleven baby house have been taking shape in the minds of several key people.

Finally, finally, the time has come to turn those big dreams into reality! 

There is an immediate need for ten more babas in Pleven as well as a few other key staff members, including some new and much-needed positions.

Antonia Vladimirova [more commonly known as Toni, our family’s Bulgarian attorney for Katie’s adoption] has spoken at length to Dr. Georgieva, the caring, conscientious, capable, and energetic director of the Pleven baby house since May of 2012, about how Dr. Georgieva would like to see funding provided for the orphanage.

Since the Pleven Fund is already established and working very well, Toni will be able to create a contract between Dreams Foundation and the Pleven orphanage to cover salaries for babas and new staff members, much like the new nurses were funded.  As an experienced Bulgarian attorney, she will ensure that all arrangements and transactions adhere strictly to Bulgarian law.

Dr. Georgieva has stated that it will not be difficult to find good babas.  They will be hired with a detailed job description and the understanding that they are on a two-month probation, at which time their job performance will be reviewed.  They will have their performance reviewed regularly thereafter.  This will enable Dr. Georgieva to ensure that every baba is giving good care to her charges.  Previously, when she noted that a baba was not doing her job, her hands were tied in the matter.

Since the babas work on a part time basis, their salaries will be uncomplicated in contrast to the full-time staff members.  There is no reason those ten babas couldn’t be in place in a very short time if we all pitch in and help raise the funds.  More details will be in a future blog post.   

To meet the immediate need to get qualified babas and other staff members in place quickly at the orphanage, the donations will go through About A Child.  About A Child has 501(c)3 status to collect funds for projects at orphanages, wholly separate from and unconnected to adoptions.

At the same time, Shelley Bedford is in the process of completing the paper work required to establish 501(c)3 status for a new non-profit in order to fund and organize the other projects at Pleven:

~The day center for children with disabilities, providing the support necessary to enable parents to keep their children with special needs rather than turning them over to the state,

~A family-type group home for the older kids in Pleven who are past the age for adoption and will otherwise be transferred to adult mental institutions for life,

~Sending qualified professionals in to train staff and work with the kids,

~Providing tool kits for the babas to use when working with their charges, enabling them to make the best use of their time together,

~Et cetera!

And beyond Pleven…

~Working with the families who are raising their children with special needs in Bulgaria,

~Sending people to Bulgaria to train orphanage staff and volunteer in the orphanages.


To sum up–

A non-profit is being set up for the Pleven orphanage. 

In the meantime, for the immediate need for babas and other staff members, funding will go through About A Child as a US non-profit and Dreams Foundation as a Bulgarian non-profit, both non-profits wholly separate from and unconnected to adoptions.


Shelley Bedford had this to say–

I have the details on the costs to provide the staff and the babas that Dr. Georgieva would like to have working at the orphanage. 

While it seems like a pretty big number to provide all the staff for a year, I think it can be done…and hopefully, be done quickly.  Another Pleven mom is going to help fundraise for that.

We’ve talked about creating a couple of t-shirt designs connected with Pleven to sell as well as some other fundraising ideas, in addition to just asking for donations.  I’m also going to do a couple of general orphan care-related shirts.


Here’s where we need the help of some creative people! 


To make this more fun, we’re holding two contests with prizes!


CONTEST #1:  A name for the new Pleven non-profit!  It will appear on the non-profit’s website once that’s up and running.


CONTEST #2:  Design ideas for the Pleven fundraiser t-shirts!  More than one design will be chosen.  The winning designs may also be used for back-packs, tote bags, and other useful items, including those given to babas and other Pleven staff members.  They can refer to the marvelous work God has done in Pleven, the good plans He still has for the children there, or how we want to partner with the orphanage, for just a few examples.  Ideas with and without Scripture references will be chosen, and may be altered without your permission.  Design ideas with a “superior US saviors” message or other offensive messages will not be considered.


NOTE:  Please do not leave your entries in the comment section.  All entries left in the comment section will be promptly deleted. 


You can join one or both contests by emailing me at with your ideas, and I will pass them on to the contest judges.

Every winning entry will be rewarded with a $10 gift card to the winner’s choice of the following businesses:


Bath and Body Works

Good Neighbors Candle Co. Etsy Shop



Walmart Stores


What would YOU name a Pleven non-profit?

What would YOU wear on a Pleven t-shirt? 

Email your best ideas to


Both contests will end at midnight on Friday, October 25th, and both contests begin…







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  1. Joan says:

    Wow! There are some seriously exciting things that God is doing here!

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