Fresh from Pleven…

October 3rd, 2013

Friends, please click on the link below to read updates from Maureen Huizinga, who is in Pleven visiting her perfect, beautiful, beloved Penny and blogging about it!

Maureen and Penny.  Mother and daughter have finally met!  What a marvelous thing to witness God putting children and families together!!

The Huizinga’s blog


For those of you who never click on links in blog posts [I know you’re out there!  You’re missing the photos!], please read Maureen’s last prayer request below, and pray, pray, pray!  Pray for GOD TO SHOW HIMSELF STRONG on their behalf!

–For any other special needs children, particularly older children, to have their files known, identified, and ACTIVE with the Ministry of Justice. And please pray in advance for their forever families. In that swarm of 18 month olds, there were several who clearly had some special needs. Let us be vigilant, on their behalf, to pray them into homes just as soon as they are eligible for adoption. So that never again are families bringing home 21 pound teenagers.

We serve a God who is mighty to save; let’s be His hands, His feet, His wallet, and His voice for these least of these.




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2 Responses to “Fresh from Pleven…”

  1. Blessed says:

    Thank you for sharing the link!  I’m one of those folks who ALWAYS clicks on a link–if it goes to an adoptive family’s blog, that is!  I just LOVE following along as the story unfolds–I think your family’s story of Katie was the first I did!  : )

  2. Tami says:

    ….a swarm of 18 month olds…  if that doesn’t break your heart….    :( 

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