Bringing Brandi Home!

October 21st, 2013


Your response to Brandi’s family in just a few days has blown me away, friends.

Especially when I read the comments on the “Supporters” page here:


Bringing Brandi Home


It is tremendously encouraging to see how many people love Brandi and have been praying for her while she is waiting on the top floor of the Pleven orphanage.  She is precious in the sight of God and He is moving in her behalf!  He is a God who delights to turn human wisdom on its head, isn’t He?

In just a short time, $1486 was given toward the initial fees that Dan and Jeannie Myers will need for Brandi’s adoption.  Wow!!  Thank you to everyone who reached out to give!

I’m planning to keep blogging about this need and nothing else until the initial goal amount of $5350 has been reached.  This will allow the Myers to move toward Brandi without delay as our family was able to do for both Katie and Tommy.


That leaves $3864 yet to be raised!  



Give here!

Share this need with others!

Then watch what the Father of the fatherless will do for this tiny, voiceless child, and praise Him!


Brandi_2013 (1)


 P. S.  Don’t miss this post!!   The Pleven Project:  Two contests!




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  1. Abbie says:

    Wow! Did you check it today? They will be there soon!!

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