Breathe through me, Breath of God

October 9th, 2013


In the morning, O LORD



I lift my face to You




and ask




for life.




You made me to be a woman,

an Eve.




In Your image You made me–

–living, breathing, life-giving.




Your abundant life flows through my countenance, my words, my touch.












lightening the load.




Your abundant life flowing through me to nourish others.





Or not.



Organization–structure–is good.

But it is not life.

Organization is a skeleton–necessary for life, but dry, dead bones when the breath of life is gone. Useless as a daily planner on a dead man’s desk.




Breathe Your abundant life into me, flow through me to nourish others.




I need–

we need–

Your breath of life.






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18 Responses to “Breathe through me, Breath of God”

  1. Louisa says:

    I love this picture! What a great stroller!

  2. maureen a. says:

    Have you ever heard the song that Maranatha Music did years ago to this passage?  It’s a favorite of mine.  Here’s the link to a Youtube version:  Love you!

  3. Jeane says:

    Love this and you my friend. I love that song to maureen.

  4. Jeane says:
    This song by Michael W Smith is another one that ministers to me just as you wrote your post.

  5. Jill says:

    I love that last picture- what a beautiful smile Katie has! Such a contrast from those first photos of her. Loving life!

  6. Maureen says:

    Beautiful!!! And I am so happy Tommy came through the surgery ok as well!!!
    (Ps-I’m having stroller envy :D)

  7. Jane says:

    Thank you for that.  A perfect song for every mama.  XOXO  Jane

  8. ERIKA says:

    Beautiful.. Also I think Tommy loves the camara ;)

  9. Lorena says:

    May the God who made you – and them – and brought you together, and who hears the cry of your heart, answer, come down and breathe fresh life in you.

  10. Deanna says:

    That stroller looks as fun as an amusement park ride!  
    You are right about us needing HIM, His life flowing through us.  Praying for you.

  11. JJ says:

    Yes!  Katie’s hand on her big brother Tommy’s arm, Verity pointing, precious, beautiful, blue-eyed Ben. Others along for the outing, pushing and being with a great load of God’s babes on a beautiful day in the country.  Thank you for these wonderful pictures!

  12. Gina in Spain says:

    What awesome pictures…The last one esp..what a smile of joy Katie has!!!

  13. Melissa says:

    Love all these wonderful photos, but my favorite is baby Ben looking up into the camera–he so resembles his big sister Verity, with those wide blue eyes and chubby cheeks. So. Adorable.
    I know the G-Tube is not precisely what you wanted for Tommy, but I’m glad he is getting the healing nutrition he needs while his body learns how to be a body! God takes what the world means for bad and turns it for good, and this is no exception!

  14. Holly D. says:

    love how happy Katie and Tommy are looking

  15. Tami says:

    Wow – precious!  Thanks for sharing.

  16. Cindy W says:

    What wonderful pictures.  So glad Tommy is getting good care.  Will Samaritan’s cover these espenses and special formula’s to feed him?  I do nursing care at night now for these needy special children.  I’ll be praying for you.

  17. Brianna Robbins says:

    Oh how I treasured seeing the pictures of Katie and Tommy together, Katie with her hand on his shoulder and Tommy with his hand on her leg.  I just can’t wait until we have similar pictures of Ethan and Elaina home from Pleven!

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