For Janelle

September 23rd, 2013


Dear Susanna,

For some time now I feel like I’ve been waiting for the right time to contact you, in the hope that I would know just what to say, that my words would somehow be meaningful.

I must say I’ve certainly picked my time as where I am it’s currently 3 am and I’m so tired I worry that my words will make little sense!

But I’ve come this far, and I really wanted to tell you about a little [six-year-old] girl named Janelle (whose name means God is gracious).  You may already be familiar with her as she is featured on Reece’s Rainbow and is currently in need of a loving family.

I wondered (only if you feel it is right) if you might please be able to take the time to share her page on your blog in the hope that just the right family might seejanelledec2010-1-196x300[1]


I’ve been Janelle’s prayer warrior for a couple of years now and despite having never met her, I feel that I have grown to love her and she has a such a special place in my heart.

I’m not in a place to adopt her myself as I’m only 22, I live in [a country where it’s difficult to adopt special needs children], and I’m also unwell, I’m actually a wheelchair user with several disabilities making me dependent on others. But despite my difficulties I have always had a strong interest in international adoption particularly for children with disabilities.

I feel like God is calling me to do more, like in some way I can help to make a difference to Janelle, I just don’t yet know how. But then I thought maybe that difference is as simple as sharing her story in the right place, at that right time, in the hope that just the right family will see it?

I know it’s a long shot but if you would like/are able to I would be most grateful if you could please take the time to share Janelle’s page. I really do believe in the power of prayer, and I truly hope it’s not long before Janelle will have her family.

Thank you very much for your time,
God Bless,




Dear S,

How could I fail to be touched by your heart of love and your appeal for this little child?

What you could not have known is that your letter would remind me of a childhood friend.  Has it really been thirty years since I last saw her?

She had cerebral palsy, just like Janelle.

She was unable to walk, just like Janelle.

But unlike Janelle, she had a mom who loved her very much and took good care of her.

She was spunky and funny and outspoken and as stubbornly independent as she could be in her wheelchair.  I admired her and thought she was a very cool friend.

Her name was Janelle.



Little brown-eyed beauty needs a mama to love her very much and take good care of her!






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2 Responses to “For Janelle”

  1. Sarah says:

    A heartfelt thank you to you Susanna for sharing this post for Janelle on your beautiful blog, it meant the world to me. I was also very moved to read how my email reminded you of your friend of the same name. Reading your blog today has helped to inspire me further, and got me thinking about the simple ways in which I could continue trying to help Janelle and children like her, as sometimes it’s the smallest things we do which make the biggest difference of all. I’ve decided to begin by setting up a twitter account in the hope that I can start to advocate more for these precious children thank you very much, with love from Sarah

  2. Anne Petitt says:

    Dear Susanna, Havent been to your blog in along time. Chance has been 8 months and my heart so desires to adopt again.  I will be praying for Janelle she is precious.  We found a little girl in Russia at Chances orphanage that our heart bleeds for. I pray for Hope Rosemary all the time.  I would adopt again in a heart beat, we have a year on our homestudy but my husband has said no we still owe alot on Chance for many reason he says not now and not to ask again because I had found some children in Florida that needed homes too.  So I just come to you and say pray for my husband to be set free to do whatEVER calls our family to do.  Pray for me to be that cheerful wife and have the honeymoon thing going on. So much going on in our lives that only God can work it out it seems to be flipped upside down.  But I know God is making me strong and worker things out that need to be worked out before we can continue in the life he has called us too.  I know God truly has a ministry on our lifes with adoption but unless God moves mountains in our lives I am not sure what God wants or will do for us right now.  I am very happy for you, your family seem to be a very happy family and seem to be doing so well.  You are a blessed women inside out.  Katie bug looks awesome, Tommy looks great and your baby is precious and growing.  Everyone looks awesome.  So I commit to pray for Janelle and a home and a family.  She is precious. Where is she at?  Bulgaria or somewhere else?  Blessings AnnePetitt

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