Princess Penny’s auction!

July 25th, 2013

NOTE: The following message is from Amy Rainey, coordinator extraordinaire for the Hidden Treasures online adoption fundraiser auctions, which are held on the first seven days of every other month.

The August Hidden Treasures auction will help Paul and Maureen Huizinga raise the necessary funds to bring Penny home!

The Huizingas are also adopting a little 6 year old girl who spent her early years in the orphanage where Penny still waits.

To read more about the auctions, CLICK HERE.




Hello Sweet Friends!

Didn’t we just have an auction last week?! This summer is flying by in the blink of an eye. I hope you are having an enjoyable one. We’ve just returned from vacation and discovered a heat wave. Whew, it has been steamy in Central Maryland. It was actually cooler in the South where we were vacationing!

In just 6 days, we will kick off an auction to help bring sweet Penny home.


Tiny Penny turns 13 at the end of this year and weighs just 21 pounds.  It’s time to bring her home where she can begin to heal and grow and thrive!


This beautiful girl has been waiting far too long. We are privileged with the opportunity to help redeem her into the family that is waiting for her with eager anticipation. If you haven’t already, please consider donating an item or items for this sweet princess. Some suggestions include:

-new items
-handcrafted items
-children’s toys/clothes
-homeschool curriculum
-gift certificates to online shops
-gift cards
(gift cards are easy, inexpensive to ship, and always popular for bidding)

Some of you have been participating in Hidden Treasures auctions as long as I have been coordinating them. Some of you are just joining in. To folks on both ends of that spectrum, and to everyone in between, thank you.

I know I say this often, but it is no less true today: we will never fully understand the depth of the impact of our efforts on this side of eternity. Every donation and every bid is working together to forever change the lives of children. These beautiful children are created in the image of an awesome God who loves them so very much. I believe it pleases Him greatly when we work together to bring relief to those who are suffering, who are alone, and who are in need. After all, isn’t this the essence of “religion that is pure and undefiled?” May God richly bless you for your heart for orphaned children. They matter.

Amy Rainey
Hidden Treasures Coordinator

PS: I may be slow on responding to emails this week as I am directing a daytime VBS at our church. If I get behind, I will catch up with you over the weekend.




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