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July 18th, 2013

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will see a few familiar faces in this post!




Ethan, formerly known as Beacan~



And Elaina, formerly known as Alyssa~



For many, many long months, the Robbins family and the Mitchell family have been working and waiting to bring their treasures home from Pleven.

I had the privilege of meeting each of these children and their faces are forever imprinted on my heart.  All three of them are very alive and unique little people!

All three are far older than they appear to be.

All three have been in the Pleven orphanage far too long. 

Did you know that Adam, Elaina, and Ethan are close to coming home, where the real adventure can begin!?


Both the Mitchell and Robbins families have worked hard and long to raise the money for their adoption expenses, and both families could still use help with the final funds.


Dear blog readers, could you please find it in your hearts to give generously to help bring these children down the last stretch toward home?


Some of you have asked how you can help the children in the Pleven orphanage.  The best way to do this right now is to please do what you can to help get the children home to their families.  I know some of you will do this!  Bless you for caring, and for helping!


Fragile Adam has the most endearing smile and giggle, and is so responsive to affection!  I’m eager to see how this tiny little boy will thrive once he’s home receiving medical care and therapy and the love of his own daddy and mommy.

The Mitchell family only needs about $800 more to be fully funded.

Please visit their family sponsorship page by clicking on the following link, and give generously!  The Mitchell family’s FSP


Soon, Adam, very soon!




I asked Sharon Robbins to tell you a little about Ethan and Elaina.

Sharon writes, “As outgoing and friendly as [ten year old Elaina] is, I think our challenge will be to show her that relationships are more than just superficial meetings that serve her own purpose. I really believe she understands, on some level, the reality of ‘mom’ and ‘dad.’ She was very excited to tell everyone she met that she had a mama and daddy. But for all the bubbly bravado, we saw the scared little girl in her also. She was excited to go with us in the car to get the visa photos taken but her demeanor changed when we got to the photo shop. She became anxious and I think the visa photo will show her terror at being hustled in and plunked on the high stool. Her relief at getting out of there was easy to see.

[Twelve year old] Ethan is nonverbal and is not walking independently. He does communicate somewhat with yelps, clicks and other sounds that draw attention to the things he wants. He was very agitated at our first meeting, yelping and hitting himself in the head. That decreased quite a bit as the week wore on but he did do some hair pulling toward me and tried repeatedly to grab my glasses, much like a younger baby would. I’m anxious to get him home and watch him blossom!”


Dan and Sharon with their beautiful children~




The Robbins family still needs about $5500 to be fully funded.

Please visit their family sponsorship page by clicking on the following link, and give all you can, with love and enthusiasm!   The Robbins’ family’s FSP 


Dan and Sharon are also doing a bracelet fundraiser.

Sharon explained, “The bracelets are aluminum and are hand stamped which means that they won’t be completely perfect. Each letter is stamped individually making each bracelet unique. We offer a choice of 3 standard phrases (“I love you to the moon & back”, “If not us…”, and “It matters to this one”) for $13. One of these standard phases with a personalized ‘hidden’ message on the inside (about 30 characters/spaces max) is $18 or a completely personalized bracelet (outer phrase, hidden message or not, font) is $25. All prices include shipping. It’s been especially fun to see what people have chosen for the personalized bracelets. Payment can be made to our FSP and a receipt emailed to

This photo shows the 3 standard phrases we are offering (for $13 each) and everyone has been really happy with the custom ones that have been made. If anyone is interested, they can email me at and I will share the font choices and more detail about what can be done on the custom designs.”






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9 Responses to “Almost free!”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Hello. I would love to purchase some bracelets, I love them and love what they will remind me and the other recipients of. I do not see a link or instructions for ordering. Can you please send me instructions or the link? Thank you.

  2. Sharon Robbins says:

    For bracelets, email with what you are interested in and I will get you set up.  All the info about price and options is here in the blog.  If you are interested in personalized styles I can share those details/fonts in an email.  Thanks for your interest!  :)  Sharon

  3. Thank You for sharing! Love the bracelets! (((HUGS)))

  4. Susanna says:

    Tiffany, I just added Sharon’s email address to that part of the post. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

  5. kimyeatts says:

    That was beautiful! Will I ever see/meet you in Lynchburg?
    Kim Yeatts

  6. kimyeatts says:

    p.s. I meant to comment on the With My Whole Heart post…oops. 

  7. Susanna says:

    Oh boy, I don’t know, Kim! Do you ever come our way for any reason? It would be neat to meet you!

  8. kimyeatts says:

    If I ever do come that way, I will let you know! Sometimes if we drive to NYC we come through near Hershey, PA. Is that close by you?

  9. Susanna says:

    Kim, it takes us about an hour to get to Hershey, but with a clear schedule, enough advance planning, a workable place to meet, and no unforeseen circumstances it could happen!

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