Tommy is home.

June 17th, 2013


I’m going to miss him when I have to go back to work.  He’s my little buddy.”
~Tommy’s daddy




As I write this, I’m nursing Ben while sitting next to Tommy, who’s exploring the contents of our toy box.  Calm and measured strains of Mozart are playing in the background.  Joseph’s back at work.  Joe’s out replenishing our refrigerator and accomplishing other necessary errands.

In a matter of hours, our house, and Tommy, will be inundated with the rest of the children.  We are so ready to see them again, and Tommy will love having some friends to play with; the house is too quiet without them!

Tonight we’re celebrating Laura’s 14th birthday, which occurred while we were away.

Wednesday is Tommy’s first visit to Dr. Strauss at the Clinic for Special Children ten minutes from our home.

Thursday is Tommy’s first visit to the Nemours duPont Hospital for Children in Delaware for his DEXA scan, an EEG, and post-adoption bloodwork.

Friday is Joseph’s scheduled surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed.

Monday is Tommy’s first visit to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, who will be providing all his care at no cost.  Our free transportation to this appointment has already been set up, thanks to some generous volunteers.

And the list will go on, medical appointments and other tasks interspersed with summer trips and other fun.

I’ll do my best to post photos once a week or so.

To all those of you who have helped us over the past months, we love you!  There are no sufficient words to express the thankfulness in our hearts for you!

May God pour out His blessing on you for what you have done to help bring Tommy home.




It was a clear and sunny day when we said farewell to the beautiful country of Tommy’s birth.



Baby Benjamin was ready for travel with his “Sleep is for the weak” shirt…

…which incidentally lasted only a few minutes after this photo was taken.  All was well, however, since I was ready for travel with my spit-up-colored shirt.



We prepared the flight staff for Tommy’s shrieking each time, but it turned out to be an unnecessary precaution.

Tommy was almost miraculously quiet during the many hours of flight time and giggled his way through each airport.

It was good to see him reach out for physical reassurance when he was unsure of a new situation.




Joseph and I sat on either side of him and held his hands for most of the flight.




Baby Ben spent most of his flight time on Daddy’s shoulder.



Pterodactyl shirt, tee hee~



Tommy was such a good sport; we are so proud of him.



He finally fell asleep for the last hour of air time.



We spent the next day quietly, unpacking luggage and preparing the house for the rest of the family to come back.

I gave Tommy a haircut and bath, and he took both activities right in stride.

Handsome fella~



He’s very observant of his surroundings and seems to feel right at home already.

Which he is.


















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36 Responses to “Tommy is home.”

  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much ! I thought you were up to the neck with all the children back, but you have done it
    with organisation !
    Bravo !
    Tank You so much to Joseph for being such a great young man !

  2. Melissa says:

    I think it’s so cool how you think, with just Tommy and Ben, the house is ‘too quiet!’ I have two (granted, one is a tornado of a two-year-old) and quiet is wonderful! ;)
    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Tommy just fits right in, it seems. I think Joe is going to be his special buddy!
    Baby Ben is getting chubby!! adorable. And baby barf is part of my wardrobe too! LOL
    Beauty abounds. <3

  3. Lorena says:

    Happy for you to be back home, and praying for a smooth transition for the rest of the children as they get to know Tommy & vice versa.  And for strength for you through it all.

  4. Maureen says:

    Welcome home!!!! <3

  5. Elizabeth in NC says:

    I love this post and the pictures. What a precious child Tommy is. I am so happy for you and him. 

  6. Gail K. says:

    It’s wonderful to see pictures of Tommy in your home! Love the video!

  7. Holly says:

    SO happy for y’all!  And all 3 of the mentioned shirts are hilarious.  :)

  8. Amy says:

    Seeing pictures of Tommy looking so content and happy made me smile!  He is a gem!

  9. Galit says:

    Wow, what a wonderful end to the little journey — and beginning of Tommy’s great journey! 

  10. Barb says:

    Welcome Home Tommy. Glad your travels went well and I can’t wait to hear about Tommy meeting all his new siblings especially Katie’s reaction. Thanks for the updates!

  11. Saige says:

    So happy for everyone, and Tommy. Just wonderful. Glad you’re home safe and sound. The airplane picture of Tommy sleeping made me well up, such a gift. Ahhh, the Lord is good.

  12. Valerie says:

    Immense joy for your family!

  13. Aunt Carol says:

    Thanks for all your updates on this marvelous journey.

  14. Robin says:

    Wonderful!!  So happy for you!

  15. Susan says:

    Welcome home, and happy belated birthday to Laura!
    My goodness, so much excitement in your lives these days – thank you for sharing all the joys (and yes, even the spit-ups) with your many online friends. Tommy looks as if he’s taking in everything with such amazement and intense interest – those big brown eyes of his are so expressive. I hope you get encouraging news from his many upcoming appointments, and that Joseph’s surgeries go smoothly and that his recuperation will be swift, easy, and uneventful.
    What a busy week!

  16. Lea says:

    I can’t wait to see how Tommy grows and changes in the next year or two – he is such a handsome lad and his excitement is catchy!  Prayers for a smooth and peaceful time with all that you are going through in the next few weeks. 
    Thank you so much for giving us these inside peeks into your life.  I love seeing your children grow and heal!

  17. Sharon Robbins says:

    That little kiss on the head did me in!

  18. Deanna says:

    Love it!  Our God can do anything!  
    Can’t wait to meet him!

  19. Elli Zurowski says:

    All I can say is….This. Is. AWESOME. God is so good and kind. :) God bless you guys!! 

  20. Missy says:

    Do you need any help on Wednesday? I can meet you if you let me know. It would be fun to hear what Joseph thought about the trip. It looked like he was happy to be back at the piano. :)

  21. sabrina says:

    Oh, precious!! I love seeing Tommy at home where he belongs and will be loved. Joseph and Tommy will probably always have a special bond. Ally and our son Andrew, who came with us on our pick-up trip, really are super close.

  22. k says:

    Welcome home!  And what a great little bond Joseph and Tommy already have.  It’s amazing how universal music is.  Just watching Tommy’s face light up as the music would change was so heartwarming.  Can’t wait to hear all about Tommy’s appointments and watch him defy the odds like Katie!

  23. Angie says:

    “Tommy is home.”  He surely is!!!  Praise God!!  I rejoice seeing another child so deeply loved!!!

  24. Welcome Home!!  Another child home and redeemed.  God bless you all.  But I bet you all are going to be so very blessed even more by him being in your home.  He reminds me so much of my joyous Antonio.  Always happy, always smiling. Always content. His care is alot but he is a joy and emits the joy of the Lord.  i bet you can’t wait to hold all your other children.  It is painful to be away from mine for even a short few hours.  What a sacrifice by all to give, to bring Tommy home.  All so worth it.  God be with you and may he continue to organize and ordain your days and time so all can get done with out stress at all.  Just the Godly good flow of large family life.  Full of love and so many many blessings. 

  25. MamaV says:

    This is amazing! He looks so happy to be your son. Praise God!

  26. Beck says:

    It’s wonderful to see him home!  I’m so glad the trip went well for you all. :)

  27. Tami says:

    Wow!!!  Sounds like things could not have gone better!  And yes, he does look like he is right at home.  What a joy!  :)  I loved hearing those little baby coos in the background of the video too, unless I was mistaken.  Congrats!!!

  28. Maria says:

    I can’t believe he is at home!! It is so surreal and wonderful that the pictures of your home include him!! Many congratulations!

  29. Kim says:

    Praising God and rejoicing with you over Tommy’s homecoming.  His ways are so amazing…I’m in awe.  God bless you all and I guess we don’t need that blog button anymore! lol  YAY!

  30. MamaPoRuski says:

    Welcome home! So glad God blessed you with a safe and peaceful trip home!  Praying for everyone’s transition and bonding with your new son!

  31. Gina in Spain says:

    WOW!! Welcome back!!!! You did good in giving yourself some time at home before the rest of the troop comes home….PLease let us know how the homecoming was…what Katie and Verity  did when they saw you…And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LAURA!!!
    Finally good luck at all the medical appointments…HUgs and I am so happy for you all, esp. Tommy…..XXOO

  32. Stori Wann says:

    Oh how wonderful!  We are so happy for Tommy and for your family.  We will continue praying for your family as everyone adjusts to their new brother, and for Tommy’s adjustment as well!!!!  What a precious gift from God.

  33. Jill says:

    Tommy looks so happy and at ease already in his new family! After 16 long years of neglect and in “that place”, it seems almost miraculous that he his able to so easily smile and seems to be connecting so wonderfully with everyone! God is good! Tommy was really meant for your family.  I am curious to see how he and Katie interact!

  34. Judee Albert says:

    Wowee!  I know it’s Tommy’s smile that captured your heart, but those eyes just send me over the edge!  Bless his sweet heart.  It’s so good to hear you are home, safe and sound.  God bless.

  35. home…….what a beautiful word! :o) (((HUGS)))

  36. Joni Owada says:

    I loved seeing him move to the music that big brother was making!!!! I wonder if he had ever heard music before.
    I can’t wait for him to have his life filled with music and laughter and JOY!!! You all will give that to him!!!
    What a blessing you are to all your children!!!

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