Introducing…the Katie Candle! Guest post by Becky Keeney

June 5th, 2013

Hi friends!  Do you remember our good friend Becky Keeney, also known as the Tommy Candle lady?  Almost three months ago, she approached us with another idea, this time to bless both Katie and Tommy.  I’ll let her tell you about it herself…

Can I just say that you people totally rock?

YOU raised more than $1,550.00,
with candles,
to help bring Tommy home!!

Joyously, Tommy’s adoption costs
have been raised and we have
had a part in it.

I can’t wait to meet
He’ll be here before we know it.

I am excited that we are now going to
turn our focus with the candle fund raiser
to Tommy and Katie’s Care Fund.

Each time I see Katie her progress is noticeable.
She’s more mobile and more observant.
I think she is much more engaged
in her surroundings than anyone
would have predicted a year ago.

Many times the progress involves some
new gadget or brace to facilitate her needs.
Joe and Susanna are always so quick to express
their gratitude for the
care fund that helps them get
items Katie needs.
This couple freely and humbly acknowledges
their dependence on God.
I can’t think of a better place to put
one’s trust, can you?


So once again we have an opportunity
to be part of something special.
If you would like to help with this,
AND have a daily reminder
to pray for Katie,
we would love to have you get one of our new candles.
$5 from each 12 ounce candle will go into Katie’s Care Fund.

katie candle

See that expression on Katie’s face?
She truly is that happy most of the time!

New Tommy candles are also on the way.
The money raised through them will go into
the care fund for the needs he will have upon his

Thanks, so much, for all you have done!

~Becky Keeney

To order, visit this page:  The Katie Candle

katie candle lidless

P. S. from Susanna–

I can’t help but add a note here to tell you about something Becky’s daughter Chelsea is planning for this summer.  I asked Becky to please write it out for me to share with all of you.  We are blessed to know some pretty neat young people and Chelsea is definitely one of them!  She has a servant’s heart just like her mom does. 


“Chelsea’s heart was drawn to Australia after a mission trip to Jamaica where she visited an orphanage and was unable to communicate with words to the people there. She loved the experience but wished to reach out to others in a more personal way. She had done research to know that there is a lot of opportunity to reach out to struggling young people in Australia. Having faced her own battle with anorexia and self hate, Chelsea longs to help others see themselves in a new light. This is a battle that will likely be waged in her life for years to come, however, by reaching out to others the healing and strength is stronger in her own life.

Chelsea will leave in July for Toowoomba, Australia, where she will spend three months in Discipleship Training School focusing on music and as an intern at a Women’s Shelter. After this she and her team will head to Thailand where they will minister for two months doing street ministry and working with girls rescued from human trafficking in a home that YWAM runs.

Chelsea will have just turned 18.

The entire cost for the five months, including airfare, tuition, food and board is about $10,000. Chelsea has been working hard to earn the money needed and between her part time job, a bake sale and several gifts she is within $2,000 of her goal.”

Thank you, Becky! I’d love to have a way for folks to help if they’re so led. I’m a terrible fundraiser, so she may not see any donations come in, but she will get prayed for, I can guarantee that!

“Oh, a way for people to give? They could send a gift to Paypal through with Chelsea’s name in the message. That would be pretty amazing!”




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  1. Misty says:

    I have been following your story for a while now from momys. Love seeing Katie and Verity and all their progress. Can’t wait to see same for tommy! As a former YWAMer, I am also excited abouyour friends daughter. :) in fact, depending o what city in Thialand I may have met one of the women that started that ministry (or one like it).

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