Giving love away

June 2nd, 2013

This week we enjoyed an all-too-brief picnic lunch with our friends the Huizinga family at one of our favorite parks.  This family is one of the most serving and giving families we have ever been privileged to know.

We’re excited to tell you that in addition to tiny Penny, who is turning 13 this year…



…the Huizingas will be bringing another little girl home as well!  Meet Julia, turning 6 this year!  She spent her early years in Penny’s orphanage, and as a result is very delayed for her age.

Sweet Julia~



This family has so much love to give, and they keep giving and giving and giving it away!

Please consider helping them bring their girls home by participating in THE SAVING PENNY GIVEAWAY.  It’s been running for over a month now and they still have $1,108 to raise to meet the giveaway.

Please copy, paste, and share this giveaway link–

–with all your friends and relations and let’s get this job DONE!




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