A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

June 2nd, 2013


We blinked, the week went by, just like that.

Or so it seemed.

After saying goodbye to all six therapists in turn this week, we’re feeling celebratory about being done with therapy for the next three months, and are looking forward to all the adventures in store for us this summer!


>Because of the intense busy times ahead, if you email me over the next month, I can’t guarantee a reply.< 


“The [laundry] and [emails] will wait till tomorrow,
For children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.”

Who could resist such a lip…more fetching than any laundry pile I’ve ever seen…




Q:  Are you really considering ending your “blogging era,” as you mentioned?

A:  Not the end of blogging, just the end of the Heavy Duty Blogging era.  We’ve been watching for this, and God is making it very clear on two fronts.

I can’t explain more until after we get our boy home, but it’s awesome to see what God is doing!  I can hardly wait to be able to tell you the rest of the story!   Those of you who have prayed and are praying for Pleven–God is answering!  And friends, it is GOOD!


Q:  How is Katie?

A:  Suddenly making a burst of progress!

She’s now climbing up onto the furniture.  She knows how to turn around and sit down, too, and slide off properly by herself.



This past week, she signed “more” for the first time!

We can now require her to sign “please” in order to get what she’s asking for, even though it can take many patient tries through her initial toddler-style resistance.  I’ll have to try to get a photo of The Lip, ahem.

She is very motivated to stand alone, and also loves to fall over on purpose.  But when she’s playing with her favorite toys, she’ll focus on them instead and can stand for an increasing length of time!







And most remarkable of all?

She actually held a crayon in her hand and colored a few strokes back and forth for the first time!  Look at her!

She’s looking at what she’s doing, and coloring on the paper!   




Q:  I…hope your travel dates could be shared on the blog so we can pray specifically for your flights and time in ‘that country which shall remain nameless’ and getting Tommy home without any issues.

A:  Our travel itinerary has us flying out of Philly on Friday, June 7th and arriving in Tommy’s country Saturday, June 8th…

…picking Tommy up from his orphanage on Monday, June 10th…

flying back to Philly on Saturday, June 15th, to be picked up at the airport by our good friends Adam and Amy Boroughs…

…arriving home in the wee hours of Father’s Day…

…to be joined the next day by the rest of our family, all together for the first time.





Q:  Will Tommy be able to come directly home without hospitalization like Katie needed??

A:  We are prepared for anything, but from all we know and have observed, we don’t expect Tommy to need hospitalization.

So many of the older children coming out of his orphanage have had difficulty eating and drinking, partly because of the emotional trauma of transition.  For that one pick-up week, the more critical need is hydration.  In January, I observed that although he was eating pureed foods very well, Tommy was dehydrated and unable to drink water from an open cup.

2013-01-09 008


Because we expect feeding and drinking challenges, we’re going prepared with an array of tools to try if necessary in order to keep Tommy hydrated–bottle, spoon and thickener, several varieties of cups, syringe, and even naso-gastric tube supplies.

His first appointment is with Dr. Strauss at the Clinic for Special Children on his first Wednesday home for the usual post-adoption check-up and bloodwork.  He has several medical conditions that will be addressed soon after he’s here, including a DEXA scan to find out what his bone density is, an evaluation of his scoliosis and other orthopedic issues, and an EEG to determine whether he is indeed experiencing seizures.  As well as any other issues that may arise or be discovered!


Q:  Are you at all worried about taking an infant on an overseas trip?  I barely took my babies to Grandma’s house in another city let alone out of the state?



A:  Nope, not worried. I guess we tend to be pretty intrepid where our babies are concerned, as we’ve taken them all sorts of places and they have never come to harm as a result.



My plan is for Benjamin to spend a lot of the week tucked tightly inside the black Baby K’Tan that Verity passed down to him, something like this.  He loves it and so do I.


After riding next to Benjamin in the van, James observed, “Ben is getting chubby.  When the van went over bumps, his cheeks bounced.”




Our hearts are so full, not just with the magnitude of what God has done in bringing Tommy to us, but experiencing the kindness of so many of you.  Every one of you who has prayed for us, offered practical assistance to our family, given to bring Tommy home or toward Katie and Tommy’s needs, and written notes of love and support–all of you have helped put courage into us during this journey.  We owe you a debt of love.


We are praying for your trip. We know that the Lord has gone before you and He will order your steps. Though, I do hope it is in matching shoes this time.  :)
~another adoptive mom friend





P. S.  Want to see a miracle?  Don’t miss reading about little Anna Rosencrants, who’s been in the hospital for almost two months–ever since coming to the United States from the Pleven orphanage.






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12 Responses to “A little bit of this, a little bit of that…”

  1. lizzie says:

    Your little guy is so adorable!!!!   Susannah is there any news on little Harvey getting a family?   Been thinking of him lots and have been wondering.    will be praying lots for your trip and for your family and Tommy! xooxo

  2. Kara says:

    We are going to have to pick up our little guy from EE with a newborn son this winter, it’s looking like, and I *AM* nervous. I have never traveled and it scares me.
    Your sweeties are so adorable. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Barb says:

    Blessings to you all on your travels. I look forward to “meeting” Tommy when he is home (via the blog). And that baby is so adorable!

  4. sabrina says:

    Beautiful pictures. I can’t believe how big Katie is getting. She doesn’t look like a baby anymore, but looks like such a big girl.
    Praying all goes well as you get ready to travel. I’ll be praying for your trip and your family, those going and those waiting at home.

  5. Galit says:

    Katie (and you) never ceases to amaze me!  What a living miracle she is!  
    Ben is so adorable – filling in already.  So touching that Katie connected with him.
    I hope your blogging slowdown won’t come to a screeching halt — we all need our Musser family fix! Monthly updates, perhaps, at least…? ;-)

  6. Maureen says:

    Sarah let out a little whoop of joy-the hat fits!!!! :) Loved seeing you all!!! Next time, we’ll make it a longer visit!

  7. MamaV says:

    Katie is such a big girl! Hooray for her!
    we will be praying for you as you travel! I also can’t wait to hear more news about Pleven and what is going on there. We are definitely still praying!

  8. Jennifer says:

    It’s hard to believe that you are nearly there – picking him up.  It’s just surreal, really!  We are staying in prayer for your family, for a good trip and positive developments.  We also pray daily with Joshua about Pleven and about the children there.  I hope it is indeed good news that is coming about Pleven.  Some of the “improvements” that I have heard anecdotally have made my heart very sad, especially in reference to the apparent push to remove the babas from Pleven.  While I know the oversight provided by the NGOs is minimal and it is not a perfect system, we also know how critical our baba was in our son’s life and we fear that their removal, even with the promise of “something better” will ultimately damage children there.  So it is our prayer that hearts and minds are opened in Pleven and the doors of that place will remain open for the children to find families…and improved care with the babas while they are waiting for homes.  May God be with you on your journey!

  9. mamaporuski says:

    We all know the need to maintain neutrality on blogs when in pursuit of an adoption, no need to explain. Praying safe travels and can’t wait for photos of Tommy home!

  10. Elaine says:

    Love the updates..praying for a safe trip.  Please don’t stop blogging!  I know you will be busy but updates of your wonderful family are so interesting!

  11. Barb M. says:

    Praying for you as you travel to bring Tommy home.  I loved the pictures on this post–especially the decals of the WHOLE family on the windows of the van!  So cute!  And Ben is so sweet with his own passport!  Blessings to all of you!  

  12. Nicole says:

    You might be on your way…
    what an organisation !!
    praying for the best for all !

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