April 2nd, 2013


“I am still shaky, but holding on tight to Jesus.  We are out of the hospital! Anna is napping.  It is so nice to be in our hotel room while it is light outside!  The future is so unclear that I am only looking ahead to dinner instead of next year as I am wont to do.  God must be smiling.  ‘Finally,’ He says.”





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3 Responses to “Strengthened”

  1. Stori says:

    How wonderful!  Rejoicing in Texas :).

  2. laurie hebbe says:

    Praising the Father with all of my heart for this news!  Praying for continued strength for all of you as you look forward to the journey home!

  3. Louisa says:

    Just hold on…sometimes by the day, the hour or the minute…wait and focus on Jesus…watch the incredible unfolding picture where He will be Glorified through both of your lives!  Praying for you!

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