Love Never Fails: Reprise

April 19th, 2013


More than a year ago, many of you read an unforgettable story here on The Blessing of Verity, a true story written by Linda Duncan, the mother who is adopting this little girl from the Pleven orphanage.




Do you remember the story of the teenaged Linda Duncan visiting the state institution for mentally disabled children, falling hard for a small girl with Down syndrome named Coleen, and going back to see her over and over again?

Do you remember that Linda taught Coleen to walk and to feed herself and that little Coleen began to call her “Mama?”

Do you remember that one sad day, Linda received a call telling her she may as well not come back to the institution, because Coleen had passed away?



Did you miss Coleen’s story the first time around?  Please read it now!  Love Never Fails

Not only is this story truly remarkable in and of itself, but it led directly to the forming of an extraordinary family.  Linda is one of the wisest, calmest, most experienced and most loving adoptive moms it’s been my pleasure to learn from.

Alderwood_20111128_000005.jpg 2011[1]


Linda first saw Kolina’s photo in this blog post, when our Katie had been home less than a week.

Not long afterward, Linda and I chatted together on the phone.  Linda told me that when she read the descriptions of the Pleven orphanage, it took her right back to her teenage memories of that state institution for mentally disabled children.



Not long after that conversation, Linda committed to adopt nine-year-old Kolina.



Last June, Linda traveled to the Pleven orphanage and met Kolina for the first time.  [While there, she played an integral part in the future of a certain young man we love.]

By June of 2012, Kolina had spent time in Tokuda Hospital, she’d been receiving better nutrition back in the Pleven orphanage, and Dr. Georgieva had been the orphanage director for one month.

 Kolina is much tinier than she appears to be in these photos~

Kolina June 4 001[1]


After Linda returned home to the US, she began to run into one obstacle after another in Kolina’s adoption process, some of them major obstacles that would have made many people give up trying altogether.

I met this miniature ten-year-old girl myself!  That just made it all the more painful for me to contemplate the possibility that the mom who loves her may be unable to bring her home!

And then last week…!

Ten whole months after Linda’s first visit with Kolina…came some joyful news!

“I just wanted to let you know that…I got the Article 5 letter!!!!”


I’m asking God to move some hearts to help Linda during this last bit of what turned out to be a grueling journey!

Please pray that God would speed the rest of Kolina’s adoption along!  It will be pure joy to see her blossom at home with her mama and siblings!

And friends, when I asked Linda how much she still needed in order to cover Kolina’s adoption expenses, she was reluctant to state the full amount.  That just made me more determined to let others know about this need!

To us, it looks like a big sum of money.  To our big God, it looks like pocket change!

Can we please surround Linda with support by helping her adoption fund go from $3625 to $13,625?

You can donate via Linda’s Reece’s Rainbow Family Sponsorship Page here.

And would you also be willing to help spread the word by sharing this post?  Thank you, friends!


Let’s help make that number grow and be a part of bringing this precious Kolina-girl home where she belongs!

Pleven Day four 007[1]




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4 Responses to “Love Never Fails: Reprise”

  1. Linda says:

    Susanna!  Thanks so much for shining the light on Kolina again!  Thanks for your support and encouragement!

  2. Shannon says:

    Awesome – yes! I remember when Linda committed to Kolina and I was so grateful…we are expecting great things! Linda, God’s all over this and we are praying for victory! (Thanks for posting, Susanna!)

  3. sabrina says:

    I was so touched by Linda’s story of Colleen and her beautiful family is amazing. I’ll be praying for the rest of her adoption so she can bring Kolina home quickly!

  4. Gloria says:

    Praying her home! I remembered that story and I remembered praying for that girl. May God multiply the gift and awaken His church! Linda thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

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