Dearly beloved friends…

April 9th, 2013

Confession:  Did you know that since I began blogging more than three years ago, I’ve pulled overnighters four times, and that all four of those times occurred within the past six months?  The upcoming Musser family update may help you visualize why my writing time is dwindling fast.  <grin>


I still love to hear from you, my friends!  I cherish every text, note, letter, email, voicemail, and comment!

And please, dear special needs adoptive families–including Pleven adoptive families whose children are still waiting or already home–please keep talking to me even when I cannot write much in response!  I mean it!  It does not make me feel pressured to read your updates and if my responses are delayed and brief, I know you understand the reasons why!

The fact that I’m less able to be verbal hasn’t changed my fervent desire to remain connected with you and see how God is working in your families!

I love you all!




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