Anna update-keep praying!

April 3rd, 2013

I’ve been checking often for updates on Anna, knowing how quickly things can change for the little ones who come out of Pleven.  One of my biggest questions is whether the child is eating and drinking, as the emotional trauma of transition so often seems to show up here first, even if it’s otherwise undetectable.

The bigger immediate concern during the difficult pick-up week is actually dehydration.  So many of the older children in the Pleven orphanage, and many other children with special needs in Eastern European orphanages, are already dehydrated when their parents pick them up.  Many of them were never taught how to drink properly.  Lydia has been feeding Anna with a syringe, as she isn’t drinking a bottle.

[Although Pleven may have gone rapidly from -50 on the scale to -10, the orphanage still has a long way to go.  And the bottom line is this. The children need families.]

Sure enough, when I checked for updates on Anna this morning, my heart sank as I read the first message–

“Anna is not eating today, so please continue the prayers!!”

And then the message from several hours later–

“She ate finally…!!!!”


Lydia, you are doing one hard and fabulous job.  We love you and your sweet Anna, and will keep on praying. 


Lydia’s blog if you want to leave a comment and let her know you are part of her prayer team:  Eight is not Enough







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  1. Rebecca Morrow says:

    Praying. And praying that God puts her on my heart constantly throughout the day so I can keep praying!

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