March 26th, 2013


One of the wonderful adoptive mothers I’ve had the privilege of connecting with over the past months is a mom named Kat.

Our bond of friendship was forged over a tiny older boy with Down syndrome, waiting in Eastern Europe.





It was beautiful to witness their hearts moving toward Jonathan, a little boy similar to our Katie before she came home.  The day they committed to adopt him was a day of joy in the marvelous work of God, a God who first showed us what pure love looks like by redeeming and adopting desperately needy children.

Jonathan was moved from the relative safety of the baby house to a desolate institution for older boys with special needs.  The Lost Boys.

Recently, close to the end of their journey to bring their frail Jonathan home, they came face to face with one of the agonizing realities we first learned more than two years ago.

We, the privileged, the strong, the comfortable, the healthy–we can choose to turn away from this reality, while the most vulnerable of human beings have no choice at all but to live it.

Friends, please don’t turn your eyes away.  Please take thirteen minutes and watch this video.








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7 Responses to “Jonathan”

  1. Hannah says:

    Heavenly Father, break our hearts for what breaks yours.

  2. Ruth says:

    Whoa. There are no words. Even having followed Katie’s story for the last nine months, and seen pictures of other children from where she came from, that picture of Carington hit me hard…

  3. Jane says:

    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful and heartbreaking video.  Love to you all…

  4. Holly F. says:

    I had wept when I first heard of Jonathan’s passing, especially knowing he had a family coming for him.  The video broke my heart again.  

  5. Tears…..  :(
    Praying for the children who need a forever family to love and care for them. 
    Thanks you for sharing…. 

  6. Rebecca Morrow says:

    Words fail me. However, I wanted to comment because the lack of comments worried me, in that maybe you would feel discouraged by the lack of comments. I have a feeling that words are just failing everyone, period. No flowery speech can do justice to the raw emotion evoked by that video, that sweet little Jonathan and his broken-hearted family. May God break all our hearts into little pieces…and may His prodding never leave us til we act. 

  7. Theta says:

    I am a fairly recent follower of your blog and have loved seeing Katie blossom. All of your children are treasures. Thank you for posting this video, which made me aware of these precious boys. Heartbreaking.  We will be contacting Reece’s Rainbow to donate to Kat’s newest son Ben’s homecoming.  God bless.

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