Peace in the waiting

February 22nd, 2013


My thoughts, my days, busy and full.



Busy at home, where I most love to be.



Full of the sense of well-being that comes to a mama who sees her nest being readied for the hatchlings who are still on their way.

A mama who is decidedly in her third trimester.  [I still have how many weeks left to grow bigger?]  Enough energy for husband, children, home, and preparations for two more precious ones.  Not so much left over for…well…for much of anything else.  Enough to email a little, write a little, connect with friends a little, relax and read a little…  


Full of satisfaction at the ongoing re-organization of seemingly every detail of every practical corner of our everyday lives.  Satisfaction at seeing the new shelves that are sprouting inside closets and cupboards and along various walls.  Knowing we’re doing this for two children we cannot wait to hold in our arms.


Full of anticipation.  There’s itty bitty baby boy clothing waiting to be sorted into canvas totes on our next Girls’ Night.  There’s a big plastic bin up in our attic labeled, “Tommy.”  The clothing in there is the same size as Stephen’s, but it isn’t Stephen’s.  That bin is not just collecting Boy’s Size Four clothing, it’s collecting Tommy’s clothing.


Full of contentment seeing my man working steadily and uncomplainingly on both planned and unplanned household projects.  Knowing that his love for his Master, for me, and for our children is what spurs him on to make the most of every moment.  When I know he could have chosen a life that would allow him plenty of leisure time.

Contentment at the bond of companionship we enjoy after twenty years of adapting to one another within marriage.


Full of thankfulness.  So much thankfulness.  Today, thankfulness for the evidence of the strong, enthusiastic support of our family from close friends and acquaintances, immediate and extended family, church fellowship, neighbors, therapists, midwife, family doctor, dentist, pediatrician, other specialists, social workers, and even our local school district.

Thankfulness for a successful preliminary visa interview that took place this morning in the US Embassy in Tommy’s country.  Thankfulness for our Article 5 letter and the launching of the next stage of Tommy’s adoption process.  Thankfulness for lots of behind-the-scenes action that God orchestrated to make this possible.

Our thankfulness list has no end.  He has blessed us with more than enough.


Full of wonder at how God is holding Tommy in the palm of His hand, proving Himself to us once again in the beautiful timing of every seemingly random detail as He brings him into our family.


Full of joy in the laughter and fun that come along with a large family.

Joy in the little lovelinesses that grace my life.


Like these sweeties~

2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 010


The splashing doesn’t come across in my photos very well, but let me tell you, Katie can displace a considerable amount of water!  Notice that she is strategically placed where I can draw the shower curtain against the effects of the splashing.

Speaking of the effects of the splashing…

2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 013


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 015


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 011


Verity!  You can turn around!

That’s right!  Turn around!

2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 012


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 019


One of the concerns some have about bringing a more disabled child into a family with a less disabled child is that the less disabled child will learn bad habits from the more disabled child.  In reality, I am teaching two girls at once as I continue to teach Verity as I did before.  We haven’t noticed any ill effects on Verity.  And Katie gets it both from me directly, and by watching me teach Verity.

She’s interacting with her environment so much more readily than she did a year ago at this time, and more appropriately, too.  Slowly, slowly, little by little, the healing continues.

And it’s the privilege of a lifetime to watch it happen.

2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 001


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 005


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 006


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 007


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 023


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 028


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 029


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 032


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 033


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 036


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 037


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 039


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 040


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 041


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 043


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 044


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 045


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 050


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 051


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 054


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 055


Thank you, E, for blessing Katie with these nifty sneaks!  They’re perfect!

2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 061


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 062


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 063


Is it my turn to come out now, Mama?

2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 066


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 067


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 071


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 074


2013-02-22 001 2013-02-22 076







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32 Responses to “Peace in the waiting”

  1. Maureen says:

    Amen! God is so good, all the time!
    (Are those sponges or magnets, btw?)

  2. Amy says:

    Two beautiful girls!  You are blessed.

  3. Deanna says:

    Such a blessing to see!

  4. Susanna says:

    Maureen, they’re foam, like Lauri puzzle pieces, but much cheaper. Wet ’em & stick ’em, but don’t bite ’em. ;)

  5. Missy says:

    I am so happy to see how Katie is looking at Verity. Is that eye contact with her little sister? And she seems to be watching closely how Verity is playing. Wow, wow,wow.

  6. Nicole says:

    I’m amazed how Verity looks tiny now compared to Katie !!!!!!

  7. Susanna says:

    Missy, a little eye contact with Verity, yes. Definitely watching Verity closely!

  8. Susanna says:

    Nicole, it amazes me every day. Just think how tiny Katie was compared with the Verity of 15 months ago. Incredible.

  9. sabrina says:

    Beautiful post and pictures. Beautiful, beautiful girls. I loved reading about your preparations. I’ll keep praying for you, your family, and your two new boys.

  10. Nicole says:

    15 months! Amazing ! I am really wandering if Katie is going to go on like that… till she catches up with her “real ” age !
    Having had 5 children in 5 years… I just don’t know where you find the enregy !
    For us, via this blog,  all looks so easy ! (water every where ? all looks perfect and clean for us ! ;)  )

  11. Holly D. says:

    These are so cute. Katie looks so happy and interested in Verity. Love the picture of her brushing her teeth…so amazing

  12. Misty says:

    I love seeing the pictures of the girls in bathtub!  It is so amazing how much Verity has grown!! So precious!

  13. Aimee says:

    So beautiful to see that chubby, pink little girl in the tub, looking so much bigger than her little sister now! Thank you for giving us a peek into the continuing miracles. How wonderful to have a front-row seat. Katie and your family inspire so many!

  14. Julie says:

    So amazing!  There’s no way to read this and look at these pictures without crying tears of joy when I think of Katie’s condition less than a year and a half ago.  Like the prior poster, I’m almost equally amazed at how clean your tub is with so many kids and so much to do!

  15. Susanna says:

    Nicole, NOT easy! At our house, it’s a combination of prevention (pulling the shower curtain, the Scrubbing Bubbles daily shower cleaner sitting on the other corner of the tub, etc, etc.) and HARD work (cleaning up as we go along rather than letting it pile up). I don’t function well with dirt and disorder, and like our house to be no more than 1/2 an hour’s work from being ready for company. Another of the MANY benefits of a smaller home and less STUFF to keep track of. :)

    At our house, cleanliness and tidiness aren’t evidence of easy, they’re evidence of hard work, and no mistake!

  16. Jill says:

     Every time you post new picture of Katie just loving life, my heart is lifted.  Watching it first hand must be amazing – “privilege of a lifetime” – I love that. 

  17. Cinderellamommy says:

    Love, love, love! blessings to you all!

  18. Rachel says:

    Katie is sooooo big!!!!! Or has Verity shrunk?

  19. Thomas R Boroughs says:


  20. Colleen says:

    i love this! We’ll be in Philly for a week starting Mar. 8th, and I’d love to see you if possible! E-mail me if you have any openings… :)

  21. Lori says:

    The photos of the girls are so precious.  Katie looks to be so healthy and so happy!  (It seems that you don’t call her “Katie-bird” anymore, do you?)  Her photos bring me such joy.  I know you must be so very busy, and we are so blessed that you still write when you can.
    Wishing you continued blessings.

  22. Susanna says:

    Lori, she’s shaped more like a little penguin now, I guess! :) I do occasionally call her Katie-bird!

  23. Jennifer says:

    I swear; Katie looks so much older!  Lovely pictures.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    Seeing Katie and Verity together and being able to watch them grow and develop just makes me so happy.

  25. Beck says:

    Thank you for sharing!  It’s amazing to see the changes in Katie and your little Verity is a cutie :)

  26. Melissa says:

    If these two get any cuter, the Cute Police will have to be called! :) God speaks through these two, He shouts: “I LOVE YOU!” Blows me away, that tiny sick girl could be the same girl chomping on her toothbrush…
    I am not a SAHM; I never will be (even though I AM a mom! =) ). I know we each have our calling and personality, and it’s clear that this is yours, from your words of peace and contentment. Blessings on you, your family, your new little one, and Mr. T, far away in miles but close in heart.

  27. Kim says:

    Oh – I was in such Katie/Verity withdrawal.  I’m glad you cleared that up :)

  28. Nicole says:

    Hello, I never thought I would ask you for some help but here I am…
    I have a young physiotherapist who has been coming to my home for over a year, twice a week.
    I often share what I have seen on internet, and she has heard about Katie, Verity and Tomy… Yestreday, for the first time she talked about her work and this baby boy…
    I don’t know why she shared about this little boy because I have no experience, (even if I have a special child !) But I suddenly thought about your experience and the fact that you might have some advice. and I promissed her to write to you.
    This little boy is 4  month and a half. He has spent 2 month and a half in a hospital for some kind of malformation around his tummy muscles.
    He comes to the physio’s office because he just can’t stand to be touched… and he spent all  the massage time screaming his head off !
    He doesn’t want to be touched or hold in arms… Oh yes he won’t take a bottle of milk and is still fed by the nose…
    That’s about the picture she gave me… and the mother feeling rejected is taking steps back from her child.
    As I thought I could not give advise, I suddenly thought about you and vaguely remembered you talking about thi problem with the orphans
    you might be able to share some experience with these french people… I hope you will be able to end up by writing a book sharing your experiences !
    I am sure my physio  would be ever so grateful to just have an idea of how to help this poor child and mother !
    Merci d’avance

  29. Susanna says:

    Nicole, bless you. I’m on the very verge of a blogging break and will love to email with you afterward, but am hoping others with experience see this comment and feel free to help! Thank you for caring about this mama and her little one!

  30. Maria says:

    I am happy you are doing so well and settling in for the last weeks before your boys arrive.  I think of you often with affection and admiration.   Did you get your MOJ signature this week?  Praying that you did.  And…..did you see that Chad is on the MFFM page of Reece’s? Praise God!

  31. Nicole says:

    Let’s hope… because I am feeling so sad for them…
    have a good break then! :)

  32. Susanna says:

    Maria, we got our article 5 last week and are waiting for a judge and court date! xoxoxox

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