Tommy’s Treasure Sale

December 16th, 2012

NOTE:  Please email with your orders.  All prices are postage paid.

We plan to keep a link to Tommy’s Treasure Sale on the sidebar and to add to it in the future.

We’ll mark each item as SOLD once payment is received, and ship it as soon as possible after that.

Any funds that come in after Tommy’s adoption is fully funded will go toward orphanage donations and Katie and Tommy’s care fund, which helps with extra expenses like adaptive equipment and orthotics.


***UPDATE!  The Japanese treasures have all been sold!***

Instead of the suggested prices, which totaled $217, many buyers generously “padded” their payments.

The amount added to Tommy’s fund totaled $412! 

You can still see the Japanese treasures at the bottom of this post and read the story behind them.


Don’t forget the rest of the treasures listed below and keep checking back for more additions!    We hope to list some Sweet Sisters’ Soap for sale soon, courtesy of Laura and Jane.  (They’re working on a batch nearby as I type this at the end of the kitchen table.)

Thank you to every generous soul who donated your treasures for Tommy’s sale! 



Kindly offered for Tommy’s Treasure Sale are these pretty bracelets, made by another adoptive mom.  Thank you, Elisabeth!


Suggested price $5 for the Cherries on Top bracelet



Suggested price $5 for the Italian Villa bracelet   *SOLD* for $7.50



Suggested price $5 for the Music of My Heart bracelet  *SOLD* for $7.50



Suggested price $5 for the ABC’s and 123’s bracelet



A set of four bracelets in Christmas prints, fun!  These would make great little gifts for your child’s teachers or therapists.

Suggested price $15 for the set of four Christmas bracelets



Elisabeth has also donated a unique set of tiny doll blankets.  In her own words, “A set of little blankets for little girls to play with for small toys like Littlest Pet Shop.”

The set consists of four of the Hello Kitty pattern, four of the cherries, and three each of smaller Monkeys, Bugs, and Owls.

Suggested price $5 for the set 




A blog reader is donating one pair of squeaky shoes from her Facebook store SimpleBees!  They come in sizes 1-7 and run one size big.  Squeaky shoes are fun for children and let you know where your child is every minute!  Thank you, Amber!

Suggested price $20 for one pair, buyer’s choice!







Another generous blog reader is donating some beautiful items from the Noonday Collection!  Thank you, Laura!

“At Noonday Collection, we believe every child belongs in a family.  We advocate for the orphan by creating jobs in high-risk orphan areas.  We also donate 10% of trunk show proceeds to adoptive families who host trunk shows.”

NOTE:  If you purchase one of the four items listed below, Laura will donate 100% of the proceeds to Tommy’s fund.



bone carved leaf earrings, $28

These natural cow bone carved earrings are handmade by an artisan co-op in India. Measuring 2” x 1.25”, they are a perfect feminine accent piece. Handmade by artisan groups in India that help low-income artisans move towards economic self-sufficiency. The group is certified fair trade and promotes sustainability on all levels and creates opportunities to alleviate poverty. Artisans receive fair wages, education, financial and technical assistance, and have safe working conditions.






winter sunset infinity scarf, $58

This scarf is a perfect year-round accessory as it is wonderfully lightweight and comes in a wide array of colors to complement each season. It is made out of acrylic and hand-woven on looms. The scarf wraps two to three times around the neck. One size fits all.

Handcrafted in Ecuador by a group of artisans who are also shareholders in the company. They have been able to rise out of poverty and now employ other community members with the same vision for them!







gallina cups, set of two (buyer’s choice of red or blue), $25  *SOLD*

Fill these hand-painted cups with flowers, your favorite drink, pencils, or candy. They coordinate perfectly with our tea towel collection. Cups come in a set of 2.

Hand painted by an artisan group in Kashmir, a traditionally oppressed area in India. The producers are paid a decent wage for their work, working conditions are safe and a good standard and no children are exploited.

4.75″ in height. Composed of handpainted on food safe and cat 65 certified and stainless steel. Handle with care.





tea towels, set of 3 (fiesta, manana, dots), $48  *SOLD* for $50

A set of three of our whimsical tea towels are perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, for gifting a bottle of wine, or even framing! The fabric is 100% organic fair trade cotton and each towel is 19-1/2″ x 27-1/2″. Hemmed on four sides with a loop for hanging. The cotton grown to create the towel is certified fair trade and the weavers also receive a living wage for their work. Hand printed in India.






Below is the story of the Japanese treasures donated to help raise funds for Tommy’s adoption:


Dear Susanna,

I live in Japan very near the epicenter of the earthquake and tsunami, and have 65 temporary housing units right nearby for those that lost everything in the tsunami. I have been helping them since they moved in and have become good friends with many of them.

These items were made by this group of elderly women who are now living in the temporary housing. They are aged 65-85 years old. They are living on pension money and have nowhere to go and all their belongings were washed away and they are not allowed to go back to the land. The future is very uncertain for them, but they still laugh and have a great time as they sit together sewing by hand!  The material and thread was donated by people and sent to me, and then I shared it with the ladies.

I have been working on this since I heard that you were adopting Tommy. I have been sharing with them the story of Verity, and Katie, and then your new son, Tommy.  It is a bit foreign of an idea to many of them, for Japanese do not adopt or even consider caring for anyone who is not a blood relative. I know that many were very confused for a long time as to why our family was helping them, and going to such a bother, when we are not related to any of them, and thus have no obligation to help. So they are amazed at what you are doing!

They could tell that it was really important to me, and they said that since our family has helped them all so much since the tsunami, that they wanted to help friends of mine!  They all wanted to share some of the things that they made to help bring Tommy home.  They spent many hours sewing and making these things from the scraps of material donated to them.  There is a wide assortment of little things that have all been lovingly sewn by hand.

I think these are really special things since they very much come from their hearts and they spent time to make these to help your family bring Tommy home.



2012-12-03 001 2012-12-03 002

Set of four carefully-stitched fabric coasters with crisp green stripes.  These could fit neatly into either Christmas or summer decor, and measure 5 1/2 inches from point to point.

Suggested price $8 for the set of Green Stripe Coasters  *SOLD*

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 018


This one-of-a-kind set of fabric coasters looks like a chance to sit and chat with a good friend over cups of tea!  The set features soft, genteel colors and patterns and is also 5 1/2 inches from point to point.

Suggested price $5 for the set of two Soft Floral Coasters  *SOLD*

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 019



Five appealing little handmade ornaments with miniature jingle bells, each about 3 3/4 inches long, including hangers!

Suggested price $18 for the set of five Jingle Bell Ornaments  *SOLD* for $20

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 001


With two close-up shots so you can see the meticulous detailing, the bow on the back…

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 003


…and the tiniest jingle bell on the front!

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 002



Another set of tiny, charming ornaments, handmade with marvelous attention to detail!  These unique Japanese ornaments are approximately 3 3/4 inches long, including hangers.  Three of them contain a real seashell, and two include a miniature jingle bell!

Suggested price $24 for the set of eight Charming Ornaments  *SOLD*

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 004


Close-up view of three ornaments~

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 005



Here we have a perky little stuffed owl!  Only 2 3/4 inches tall!

Suggested price $7 for Perky Owl or buy with Gentleman Owl, below, for $12 total   –Both owls *SOLD* for $50 total–

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 006


And a dignified gentleman owl, a whole 3 inches tall!

Suggested price $8 for Gentleman Owl or buy with Perky Owl, below, for $12 total

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 007



These unique posies would look sweet sewn onto a hat, coat, or bag.  Or use your own imagination!  The largest flower is 3 inches across, and the two smaller ones are each about 2 1/2 inches across.

Suggested price $8 for the set of three Pretty Posies  *SOLD* for $15

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 008


The little curlies in the middle look like this if you pull them out.

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 009



A pleasingly plump Japanese mama doll, about 3″ tall!

Suggested price $18 for Mama Doll   *SOLD!  For $100 Canadian!*

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 011


A closer view~

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 010


Next may I introduce a series of four petite flat fabric purses, each just under 7 inches wide and 5 inches tall, perfect for protecting smaller and more delicate items in a larger bag!  The hand-stitchery on these purses is beautiful and has to be seen to be appreciated!  Each one has a quilted lining.

The first purse features soothing tones of taupe, mauve, lavender and pale pink, and bears the same fabric on both sides.  If you prefer neutrals, this purse is for you!

Suggested price $10 for the Soft Neutrals purse  *SOLD* for $15

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 017


The second purse features eye-catching colors and whimsical patterns and bears the same fabric on both sides.

Suggested price $12 for the Bold Whimsy purse  *SOLD* for $15

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 013


The third purse is reminiscent of a vintage quilt at Grandma’s house, featuring dainty, feminine colors and prints.  It bears the same pattern on both sides.

Suggested price $12 for the Vintage Quilt purse  *SOLD* for $15

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 014


The fourth purse features funky, chunky vintage stripes in muted autumn tones, slightly different on each side.

Suggested price $12 for the Funky Vintage purse  *SOLD* for $15

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 015


The other side~

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 016


The next three flat purses are slightly larger than the purses shown above.  Each one is fastened with a zipper.

The first purse reminds me of a summer day in the garden!  It is just under 7 inches tall and just over 9 inches long.

Suggested price $15 for the Summer Garden purse  *SOLD*

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 020


And the back~

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 021



The second zippered purse features the cool, crisp tones of winter and measures 6 1/2 inches high and 9 inches long

 Suggested price $15 for the Cool Winter purse  *SOLD* for $20

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 022


And the back~

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 023


The third purse features the warm, cheerful spring tones of new growth bursting forth from the earth!  Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips!  It measures 7 inches high and 9 inches long.

Suggested price $15 for the Warm Spring purse  *SOLD* for $25

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 024


And the back~

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 025



This sturdy lined bag is impressively well-made in every detail, and coordinates beautifully with the Soft Neutrals purse shown above.  It’s smaller than it appears in this photo–less than 16 inches from the top of the handles to the bottom seam and just over 8 inches across the bottom.  The bag itself stands 9 inches tall.

Suggested price $15 for this Sturdy Lined Bag  *SOLD* for $20

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 028


The bag is able to sit upright.

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 029



The final treasure handmade by the loving hands of displaced Japanese ladies is this sweet little drawstring bag!  It sits 7 1/2 inches high and 9 1/2 inches long.  It’s so pretty in pink and just the sort of cuteness to delight a young feminine soul!

Suggested price $18  *SOLD* for $50

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 027


The lower part of the bag is lined and quilted.

2012-10-26 001 2012-10-26 026


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