Just have to tell you…

December 9th, 2012


One little girl crawled all the way up a full flight of stairs by herself this week, accompanied by many cheerleaders!

and KISSED ME for the first time today!!!!!!

Here she is having fun with her first icing/gingerbread man experience!  Sorry for the rotten photo quality–this was The Only Photo I took in the last couple of weeks!  More on that in the next post!



And another little girl’s speech therapist has been asking us for months to make a list of all the words or phrases she says spontaneously.  It never seemed to fit into the rest of life.

At her two year assessment back in June, I had expressed concern about Verity’s lack of spontaneous speech.  She’d mimic just about anything while we were working with her, but we rarely heard her talk without prompting.

Some older photos of Funny-doodle for you.  Her personality and sense of humor have been blossoming like never before!




Way past my nap time… 




We finally started that list of Verity’s spontaneous speech during this past month.  Hung a piece of notebook paper on the side of the fridge and wrote down every word or phrase she said without prior prompting.  Words like “banana” and “zebra” and “paper” and “lollipop.”  Phrases like “Go to bed” and “My glasses on” and “Kick ball” and “This over here.”

Get this.

There are one hundred forty-three words and phrases on her list, and counting.





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23 Responses to “Just have to tell you…”

  1. Sarah says:

    Go Katie! Go Verity!

  2. Nanette says:

    Yay for your girls!! Way to go, Katie and Verity!!

  3. Mandy says:

    Katie and Verity are so cute! Verity is doing so well with her talking-she says more than my 2yo son does, actually. Great job! That’s wonderful that Katie made it up the stairs-no stopping her now. A first kiss-how sweet!

  4. Mary Winslow says:

    That’s such a blessing Susannah! Thank you for sharing the updates! Yay for Verity and Katie!!!!

  5. Susan says:

    Well, it seems you have a Little Miss Chatterbox at your house! I am impressed! And Katie, climbing up those big long stairs, all by herself – wow, just wow! She’s going places – literally!

    And that makes four exclamation marks in a row, and I cannot think of any other two little girls who deserve them more! (oops, that makes five and now six!)

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE    

  6. Missy says:

    Oh my goodness, a kiss. What prompted it? Her first Hershey bar? That would do it for me. :) And Verity is talking a lot! So that means that if she looks at a book, she says zebra without you saying it first or she tells you she wants her glasses without you asking? I am so impressed because as the youngest in a large family she really doesn’t have to talk much. She can just go with the flow. You are doing such a good job! 

  7. Colleen says:

    Wow! What amazing growth the girlies are making!  What a wonderful Christmas present!!!   

  8. Deanna says:

    I was witness to that sweet kiss for Momma today!  So sweet!
    Verity was so cute saying “up, up, up” to Katie! 
    Sweet girls!

  9. Rita from Spain says:

    WOW!!!! Its early Christmas presents for you!!! A KISS!!!! Awesome..I want to hear more about that kiss….: )))

  10. Good job Katie!! Wow! Hopefully Mosie will be able to do this one day too! He just started standing!! 
    Verity you are amazing! (((HUGS))) girls!

  11. Shana says:

    Such sweet girls and pictures.  I noticed in her crib, Verity is wearing the biker shorts with the inseam sewn.  I was asking my son’s therapist about that the other day, and she said that if we were to use them, it is best to do it all the time (24 hrs a day) so as to not confuse his muscles and brain.  I couldn’t see myself feasibly committing to that.  So I am curious; how often do you use them?  And have your therapists mentioned anything about confusion?


  12. Susanna says:

    Shana, we do put them on the girls 24/7 for the same reason your therapist mentioned, and also because when they are removed, it allows the girls’ hips to abduct and that’s not acceptable to us.

  13. Holly F. says:

    While all of this post is great/amazing/perfect, that KISS brought tears to my eyes!! 

  14. Stephanie says:

    Way to go, Verity and Katie! Such beautiful blessings who love to prove people wrong. Just love it!

  15. Amy says:

    Wahoo, Katie!  I know that had to bring tears of joy to one sweet Momma’s eyes :-)   It brought tears to mine!

    Love the pics of Verity!  Too precious! 

  16. Aunt Carol says:

    Nice job, Verity and Katie – and Momma!

  17. Julie says:

    This is totally unrelated to this specific post, but I am reading this tonight and wanted to tell you…
    I had a dream the night before last that I was working in a church nursery and someone brought Tommy in to be cared for during the service.  I ran over and scooped him right up and was SO happy!  I was kissing his little cheeks and telling him how much we had prayed for him to find his family.  Then one of the other nursery workers said something to me about not kissing the “babies”… and I said “Don’t you realize who this is?  Don’t you know how special this little boy is?  He is so amazing!!  I can’t help it!”

    Anyways, I know it is weird, but it made me happy and I look forward to the day when we are seeing his pictures up here right along with his sisters :) 

  18. sabrina says:

    How wonderful to get your first Katie kiss. Precious. The pics of Verity were absolutely beautiful and I’m so impressed with how much she’s talking! Way to go, baby girl!

  19. Susanna says:

    Julie, I don’t think you realize how much this blows me away. In the rush of everyday life, I can forget that people we don’t even know love and pray for our Tommy! This is so amazing. Thank you! Wish I could give you a hug to thank you.

  20. Bri says:

    I almost cried reading this post, so sweet! A first kiss from Katie… so precious!!!
    I keep coming back to look at those sweet pictures, and my sister and I keep exclaiming over the first picture of Verity. We love her little face, her faces remind my sister of our little sister’s faces, so funny and adorable at the same time :)… 

  21. Shana says:

    Back to the biker shorts. :). So how do they wear pants, or have a seatbelt go between their legs, etc?

  22. Susanna says:

    They wear the hip helpers on top of pants and tights, like they do with their pjs. I like to put skirts or dresses or longer smock-type shirts on them for this reason, which I know you cannot do with a boy. I also have two sizes on hand for each girl, smaller ones for going over less bulk and larger ones for more bulky clothing.

    They’re not as tight as they look, and are easily pushed up for seat belts or when Katie’s in her gait trainer. They don’t restrict proper movement at all, for instance, when crawling or going half-kneel to stand. They just prevent those very flexible joints from going too far. :)

  23. Elizabeth says:

    143 words and phrases!  That makes this speech-language pathologist’s heart sing!  :-)  

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