Alert: Please call your senator!

December 3rd, 2012

Friends, even if you ordinarily skip over reading posts containing technical details, could you please take the time to read and understand this one?  I post this with the prayer that every one of you who is a US citizen would take action, and that all of you would pray and help to pass the word along.

UPDATE:  Thank the LORD that the Senate did not ratify this treaty!  It was defeated by a margin of only five votes!


We received word this morning that the US Senate plans to vote tomorrow on whether or not to ratify the United Nations Disability Treaty.

Among other objectionable details, did you know that if this treaty is ratified, it would require US citizens to notify the government of the birth of their child with special needs?

This should make us very uncomfortable, especially in conjunction with health care laws that could lead to further limitations on health care for those deemed a burden on society, like Verity, Katie, and Tommy.  This has already happened in countries who are further down the road of socialized medicine.  They are no longer making decisions based on the Biblical truth that every human being was created in the image of God, and as a result, they feel free to judge the value of humans beings by other standards.

One of the dangers of the conjunction of these two laws could be that US parents could find it increasingly difficult, and eventually impossible, to get permission to bring orphans with special needs into the US.  This too has already happened in some other countries.

Underlying these particulars, we disagree that a sovereign country should be giving up some of its liberty and independence and putting themselves under the dictates of the United Nations instead of its own constitution.

In the words of another special needs adoptive mom, “this must not pass.”

Copied and pasted from the Home School Legal Defense Association web page:

“We cannot give the United Nations the power to decide what is best for our children. We need you to call both of your U.S. senators right now and urge them to oppose the CRPD. You can call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your senators or use our Congressional Directory to find your senators’ contact information.

[NOTE:  This is especially vital if your state senators are Democrats.]

We are optimistic that we will have the votes—34 or more—to defeat the treaty. But there is too much at stake to trust to speculation.

So please remember to call your senators today, and then call them again tomorrow morning (before noon). If Senator Toomey (PA), DeMint (SC), Lee (UT), or Paul (KY) are one of your senators please give them a special thanks for leading the charge on this issue.

Take Action

Please give them some or all of this message:

“I urge you to oppose the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This treaty surrenders U.S. sovereignty to unelected UN bureaucrats and will threaten parental care of children with disabilities. Our nation already has laws to protect disabled Americans. This treaty is unnecessary and will hurt families. If the Senate ratifies this treaty, it would be the first time ever that the U.S. has ratified a treaty that obligates us to recognize economic, social, and cultural entitlements as rights under domestic law.”

Then, please contact your friends and family and urge them to call as well. Please also share this information on social media to help get the word out to every parent and freedom-loving person in America.

For more information on the dangers of this treaty [and easy links to help pass the word along] please visit our CRPD page.



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14 Responses to “Alert: Please call your senator!”

  1. Maureen says:

    2 calls for Virginia!

    Please be encouraged-your call does matter-you can speak to a real person or leave a message, whichever you are more comfortable doing!  The US has the most robust system of laws and services for its citizens with disabilities. Please take the 2-3 minutes required to call and protect this; for our children, and for our neighbours and fellow citizens.

  2. Lynn Jerguson says:

    I have contacted my Senators, and posted the link on my Facebook page. I don’t want to turn over any more rights that we are suppoed to have as Americans to the UN. I certainly don’t want to give that godless organization any rights over ‘the least of these’. I will be praying for victory during the Senate vote.

  3. Sharon says:

    I sent two emails to my senators – you can also use that directory to find their email addresses. I have contacted them in the past and always gotten a response back, so I know they pay attention to emails as well and it only takes a few minutes.

  4. I wonder how they will/have defined special needs??  Gosh that can be broad!  Another step over the slippery slope.  Thank you for this info.

  5. Tami Swaim says:

    I heard this on the radio today.  I almost crashed the van!  I couldn’t believe my ears.  I’ve shared this on Facebook as well.  I shared a link from WDAC {they have a short news story} on it. 

  6. Psalm127Mommy says:

    We contacted our senators – only to hear that this is the “best” thing ever and nothing we could say would change her mind….We are heartbroken at either the short-sightedness or the downright deceit of those given the responsibility of leading our country.  I wrestled with it in prayer until God reminded me that He is still on the throne.  We are in His Hands regardless of what foolish or evil plans mankind comes up with.  To Him be all glory, honor, and praise!

  7. Fiona says:

    As a UK citizen I can’t act, but having read this “This should make us very uncomfortable, especially in conjunction with health care laws that could lead to further limitations on health care for those deemed a burden on society, like Verity, Katie, and Tommy.  This has already happened in countries who are further down the road of socialized medicine” I just wanted to be a voice of reassurance, that here with our socialized medicine (the wonderful, fantastic NHS) profoundly disabled children get excellent care. They are absolutely valued as much as any other child (I’m sure there exceptions in some hospitals, but you get that with doctors all over the world). In the last year I have know a profoundly disabled child have a kidney transplant to extend her life, another child (equally profoundly disabled) have spinal surgery at at top hospital, lots of brand new, state of the art equipment and further surgeries scheduled which will improve her quality of life. It’s not the case that children aren’t valued if they have a disability or limited life. They are offered many expensive treatment options, because they are important to our society. I’m sure there are all sorts of scary stories floating around there, but they’re rare exceptions.

  8. Susanna says:

    Fiona, thank you for writing! I’m glad to hear this good report! Unfortunately, those who keep a close watch on life issues in the US have seen plenty of evidence of medical wrong-doing toward those whose lives are considered an unjustifiable burden to society. The facts show that it’s not as rare here in our country as wishful thinking might lead us to believe.

    For instance, you may know that the “Do not resuscitate” order is now interpreted to mean, “Do not treat” and that food and water are now considered medical treatment. If a seriously ill patient’s quality of life is judged by an attending physician to be insufficient, he or she can order the withholding of food and water without legal repercussions and against the wishes (sometimes without the knowledge) of the patient’s family. The issue is worded in such a way as to sidestep objections and sound reasonable, such as “forcing medical treatment” rather than “tube-feeding.” This is not well known, but it is happening in the US already, and those with cognitive disabilities are at the bottom of the barrel.

    This is just one example of what I was referencing in this post. Also, I’m in a unique position of routinely hearing from people who would love to adopt a child with moderate to significant special needs, but the laws of their country either forbid it or make it outrageously difficult. There was a family who hoped to adopt Kramer, and another family who hoped to adopt Brandi, both of whom were denied permission to bring these children with significant medical needs into their country (not the UK), and in both cases the families were told that the decision was connected with the limitations of their country’s socialized health care system.

    Part of the international adoption process in the US is applying for approval to US Immigrations. Our USCIS officer specified that one of her jobs was to show evidence that a child adopted internationally will not become a burden on the state. We are required to show hard evidence that we have an approved plan for the child’s health care that does not involve government funds.

    This discussion reminds me that I’d love to see a comparison chart, if there is one, of the laws regarding special needs adoption for every country in the world.

  9. Fiona says:

    Thank you for taking the time to give me more information, it certainly sounds worrying. Thank goodness for people like yourself who see the value in children who have disabilities. I think you do the most amazing job.

  10. Joleigh says:

    Thanks for posting this, Susanna.  I’m proud to report that the Senate fell five votes shy of ratifying this treaty — that is five votes too close for my comfort!  The primary thing that stands out in this and scares me to the point of nausea is that parents would be required to report the births of children with special needs to the government.

    Most people do not know this, but prior to World War II and prior to the full-blown Nazi Holocaust, the German government passed a law requiring all children with handicaps (mental or physical) to be registered with the government.  It was done under the guise of tracking them so they would receive quality care for their special needs.  I have been teaching classes on this topic during the summers at our Wisconsin Right to Life teen leadership camps and for the last seven years I have included the phrase “If your government EVER even hints at requiring children with special needs to be registered, fight it with everything you have.  If you fail, run as far as you can as fast as you can and for goodness sake DO NOT EVER COMPLY.”

    The Nazi T4 euthanasia program is not nearly as well known as the full-blown Holocaust that followed it, so to give you a brief overview: after forcing families to register all children with handicaps with the German government, buses (with the windows painted over) were sent out to retrieve these children (and adults) with physical, mental and emotional handicaps — including certainly conditions like Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, limb deformities and a host of other things considered “problematic” to the Nazi hierarchy.  People with disabilities, including children, were removed from their homes and taken to “treatment centers” where they were either starved and dehydrated to death or killed by lethal injection.  Parents were told that their loved ones died of natural causes — pneumonia, appendicitis, infections, etc.  The dead were cremated and then ashes were scooped from a common grave and returned to families along with a phony death notice.  Imagine putting your child on a bus to a hospital hoping to have him or her treated and receiving back an urn full of ashes.

    After a time, the Nazi doctors decided that starvation and dehydration took too long, as did lethal injections, and so they began experimenting with poisonous gas so as to kill more “undesirable” people more quickly.  This was how they developed their gas chamber technology and “perfected” it so they could exterminate mass quantities of Jews, Poles, Roma people and anyone else they deemed undesirable.

    They came first for the people who had the least value in their eyes — estimates vary from 200,000 to 275,000 people with special needs who lost their lives in the T4 Euthanasia program.  In the end millions died in the Nazi Holocaust, as the criteria for death widened and broadened to include anyone who dared disagree with the Nazis — or look different, act different, have the wrong religion or even a too dark hair and eye color.   

    Of course we who sit comfortably in our warm homes surrounding by the sound of children laughing, Christmas carols playing and tree lights twinkling are reasonably certain that “nothing like that could ever happen here.”  I’m guessing comfortable, well-fed, happy German Christians in 1938 thought the same thing.  The reality is that it absolutely CAN happen again and that, in fact, it very likely will if good people sit by and do nothing.

    If you don’t believe the scope of what I’ve outlined, please visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum website for further documentation or research the T4 program independently.  It is terrifying.

    There are other reasons to oppose ratifying ANY U.N. treaty that gives a foreign entity control over ANY aspect of American life.  Susanna has outlined those nicely above.  

    The bottom line is this.  As parents of children with special needs (my daughter has pretty serious limb deficiencies and is also of Roma descent and would have been targeted by Hitler’s regime on two fronts) we cannot cede responsibility, control or care of any aspect of our children’s lives to any governmental authority.  Corrupt governments do not see precious individuals deserving of love and care regardless of their “level of ability.”  They see numbers — they see costs related to health care, what it costs to raise a “useless eater” to quote those who promoted the concept of euthanizing people with special needs in Germany — even prior to the Nazi’s rise to power — and they see, most of all, the disability and not the person who may have the disability.

    No one cares more for or has the best interests of our children at heart than we do.  And for most who follow this blog, your care and concern and yes, even love, extends to children born to others half a world away.  We love them as our own until we can legally make them our own.  Never should the United Nations be allowed to dictate to the greatest nation on earth whether or not she can continue her God-given mandate to “care for the widows and orphans.”  

    Praise God that this treaty was not ratified, but be very aware that just because we, and our children, dodged the bullet this time does not mean they or we are “safe.”  Be very aware that every time you cast a vote in an election or choose whether to speak or be silent on an issue such as this that YOU are affecting the outcome.  There were five more senators who opposed this than who supported it.  Five.  That is NOT a comfortable margin.  At least not when you’ve given your heart, your home and your last name to a child whose life would be negatively affected by such a treaty.

  11. Psalm127Mommy says:

    Joleigh – THANK YOU for taking the time to write out all of that information!  You have taken the “fuzzy recollections” of my study of history and summarized them perfectly!  We as a nation do not “know” history and are therefore easy targets for many of these “tiptoe” policies that seem so insignificant – but have huge ramifications.

  12. Susanna says:

    Joleigh, my friend, THANK YOU.

  13. Karen says:

    Just keep watching for it because several senators have stated that they will bring it back for a vote again after the New Year. We are going to have to continue fighting this unfortunately.

  14. Susanna says:

    Karen, thank you so much for letting us know about this. Think it should stay on our prayer list…

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