Simple gifts

November 1st, 2012


Question (after reading the Pleven update):  WOW!  Can you give me the address where we can send notes to encourage the director?  You have convinced me that I need to do this!

Answer:  YES, YES, YES!!!  If you haven’t done so before, or if you want to send a second note, please do it!  It is never too late and you can not send too many thank you cards!


Address your notes to–

Dr. Dessisslava Georgieva

Please mail them to us.  For our mailing address, please email me at

The notes will be mailed to our friend in Sofia, Bulgaria, to be translated before being sent on to Dr. Georgieva.


For those of you who have told me you just can’t think of what to write, here are a few ideas…

~If this applies, please let her know that she is not alone in her task, and that you will persist in praying for her during the months ahead.

“Since my return from Pleven, all I can say is this…the director needs prayer, lots of prayer. She has a big job ahead of her. May God bless her every move towards helping all the children. Please pray.”
~Susan, the mom adopting Makayla (to be named Annabelle) 


~You may want to encourage Dr. Georgieva in the excellent character she is showing, like transparency, courage, compassion, or diligence.

~You can express how grateful you are for the fantastic decisions she’s making for the precious children in her care.

~If you are praying for adoptive families for the children, please let her know this, too.

~If you have a child or children with special needs, you can tell her a little about the joy your child brings to your family.




~Taking the time to simply write “thank you” says a whole lot, just by itself.


One creative friend in our church fellowship brought a couple of boxes of note cards and pens along one Sunday for the ladies to use as we sat around the table chatting after lunch.  She had even printed out the director’s name on small slips for everyone to copy.

Another creative lady had her young class of scrapbooking students make their own lovely cards for Dr. Georgieva.

We’ve seen several “family packs” of notes, with charming homemade cards included from a variety of ages of children within one family.


Question:   The doctor at Tokuda Hospital who has been so helpful and instrumental in getting these children the care they so desperately need, is it possible to write her a thank you note as well?

Answer:   What a splendid idea!  Yes, please do!  The logistics won’t be complicated and can be figured out later.  She does speak and write English.  She asked not to be named on our blog, but if you leave a space for her name in your note, I can fill that in.  You would just need to specify to me that the note is for the professor at Tokuda Hospital, and for the rest of the team there who have so lovingly cared for the children from Pleven these many months.  Thank you for this wonderful suggestion!


One of our very thoughtful readers asked the question:   Susanna, how are you guys dealing with the storm??  I’ve been thinking about your family and hope everything is alright.

Answer:  It was sweet of you to ask.  We were sorry to hear that many others suffered damage in the storm and that some lives were even lost.  

We were affected by the storm, but only in the best way.  We received a large quantity of rain, and were protected from the worst of the wind because our house is nestled up against a hillside in our little valley.

But the best part about this storm for our family happened after the therapists called to cancel this week’s therapy sessions.

Since the beginning of September, knowing that 2013 may well be the most challenging year our family has ever experienced, I’ve been systematically targeting every area of our household that shows signs of loose ends, and working like mad to bring it back under dominion, from our kitchen cabinets to our Sunday morning schedule.  It’s been pretty slow going, since there’s not a lot of extra time left after home schooling.

By this past Monday morning, as the bone-chilling rains fell and winds blew, and therapies began to be re-scheduled, I had been working for weeks on completely re-thinking and re-organizing our menu plan.

The break this week has been such a welcome gift of extra TIME from God to us.  Just rain rain rain, snuggling up together to read aloud, some delicious homemade meals from a friend, and TIME to finish the menu project and begin the ongoing task of putting homemade mixes and other foods into the freezers.  And beginning to reclaim the next territory.  Because God is growing our family, and we want to be ready!


So-sweet little pumpkin collecting leaves before she goes into the house for a nap.  This was before the deluge… 







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6 Responses to “Simple gifts”

  1. Christine says:

    Glad to hear you guys are well! Thanks for the quick update!

  2. Karien says:

    I often wonder if it wouldn’t be possible start praying specifically for the babas, and care takers who work with the children, maybe in a way people commit to pray for the children.Maybe it would be possible to let those workers know that people want to pray for them, and they can give their names or maybe we can pray for a difficult worker – say for instance in a certain room- ask God to change their attitude and hearts towards the children. If people can start praying for the workers, maybe we can all agree on some things to stand together in prayer, just like we prayed for requests you have asked for before. We can ask God to plant seeds of love in the hearts of the workers, so that they would look with different eyes at the children, for them to SEE how their attitude affects the children and how better care, love and stimulation influence the children in a positve way!

  3. Hannah says:

    please please please post how we can contact her for encouragement

  4. Susanna says:

    Hannah, thank you for wanting to send a note of encouragement to the director!

    Please address your note to:

    Dr. Dessisslava Georgieva

    And mail it to:

    Joe and Susanna Musser
    350 Smithville Road
    New Providence, PA 17560

    Dr. Georgieva does not speak English, so the notes have to be translated into Bulgarian. We wait until we have a whole packet of notes, and send them to a Bulgarian friend of ours who has volunteered to translate all the notes we send her. After translating them, she mails them on to Dr. Dessisslava for us.

    Thank you again so much for wanting to help in this way!

  5. Katie says:

    susana, just wondering if, through you or others we can still keep appraised of and advocate for any of the children whose files have been sent back. particularly chad and harvey?

  6. Susanna says:

    Katie, please oh PLEASE do advocate for them using any avenue available to you! Oh, they need all the help they can get! Please feel free to copy and paste from our blog for that purpose! (I do have an update about Harvey which I hope to write soon, but it’s likely we won’t hear more about the rest of the children unless they receive a family.) Please feel free to email me with more questions:

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