What can I do to help?

October 5th, 2012

Question:  This breaks my heart more than I can even put into words. I cannot stand knowing babies and children suffer in this way. I want to help!!! What can I do? I want to hold orphans and help take care of them!

For those who aren’t adopting anytime soon, how can we help these kids?


Answer:   Thank you so much for asking this question!

Most of all, you can PRAY. Pray that God will show you what HE wants you do to in response to the need. Pray for governments to make needed changes, for changes in caregiver’s hearts regarding the children with special needs, for God to compel more and more loving families past their fears to bring the children home, for protection and provision for adoptive families–there are so many aspects to this need that I couldn’t list them all. Please don’t underestimate prayer. The Bible tells us that the effective fervent prayer of the righteous avails much, and we have seen this firsthand!


Anything you can do to help spread the word among your circles of influence by word of mouth or social media is crucial.

None of us knew what was going on until someone told us.

Right now I know of an immediate need for your help!  Could you please pass on the following information?

A little nine-year-old girl named Masha had a family working to adopt her and they were unable to continue the process.  Masha needs a home study approved family IMMEDIATELY.  If you are home study approved and financially prepared to move forward, please contact sarah@reecesrainbow.org 

Please re-post this need and help to find Masha’s family!  Thank you!!

You can read more about Masha by clicking on this sentence.



You can give moral support to the adopting families.  Families adopting children with special needs can receive all sorts of negative input, ranging from the mild withholding of approval to doubts whether they can handle it to insinuations of wrong motives to ugly, vicious attacks.

People who anonymously attack adoptive families through the internet have come to be known as trolls.

Look how beautiful trolls have made themselves by fighting for the wrong side. 


Any loving words you have for the families who are obeying the call to this ministry will weight the balance on the other side and help put courage into them to stay the course. Even without criticism from others, international special needs adoption can be very challenging. Not surprisingly, the enemy often seems to work overtime on families when he sees their faces turned in this direction. So if you can take a few minutes to let an adoptive family know that you are supportive of what they are doing, you are a vital part of the team to bring orphans home and help them flourish.

You can help to raise the adoption fund of an overlooked child. Here’s one small way to help that nearly everyone could do–print out that child’s photo and put it on your refrigerator. Make it your desktop photo. Tape it to a jar in your house where everyone will see it often. Pray fervently for a family for that child and collect your loose change for their Reece’s Rainbow fund.  You could have a yard sale and donate the proceeds to that child’s fund.  You could ask your Sunday School class or small group to consider chipping in to make “your” child’s fund grow.


You can help families raise the funds to bring their child home, either by direct donations or by participating in fundraisers. Every gift, small or large, that is given to help with an adoption does far more than just raise funds, necessary as that is. It is also a huge dose of encouragement to adopting families to know that people are giving us their vote of confidence, and to see their hearts so open to the need.

A few immediate needs I know of right now…

~Right now you can shop for gifts and help the Matthews family, adopting Christiana, when you visit the Hidden Treasures auction before midnight this coming Sunday night.

~Read how you can be part of helping the Booth family, adopting Makayla from Pleven, to reach the finish line and raise funds for a van for the orphanage.

***UPDATE!!!  The Booth family is fully funded!  Praise God!  Thank you to everyone who helped make that happen!

To read how you can help replace the broken-down van for the Pleven orphanage, please click here!***

Precious Makayla, who will be named Annabelle~


~Kevin and Jaclyn Mitchell, the family who is adopting tiny five year old Adam from Pleven, have been working on fundraising at an impressively energetic pace.  Right now they have two matching grants that aren’t seeing much action, and they aren’t whining and complaining about it, so I’d love to see those numbers go up!

Jaclyn explains,  “We are needing $800 in order to finish paying for our initial fees.  Once we have that $800 we can apply for our tax deductible account.  The entire $800 would also be tripled since we have two matching grants up right now–one for $2500 and one for $5000.

Donations can be made by visiting the Mitchells’ blog, The Crazy Lives of 5 + 2.  The blue chip in on the right hand side will take you to Paypal where you can donate.  They also have quite a few things available for sale if you prefer to help that way.  Thank you, friends!

Little Adam before his shunt surgery~


Adam after his shunt surgery at Tokuda~


Scott and Lydia Rosencrants are adopting Gabby and Marsha from Pleven, and could use some financial help right now as the time grows close for Scott’s first trip to see the girls.

Lydia wrote, “We are going to have to get more serious about fundraising now.  It has been hard because we see so many families in need and we don’t want to take funds away from anyone else.  But we are getting down to the wire so I guess it’s now or never.”

Please read this blog post on their blog, Eight is not Enough, to find out how you can help them raise the funds they need to bring home these two sweet girls!

Three year old Gabby, to be named Nora~


Four year old Marsha, to be named Anna, who needs to come home and receive her much-needed shunt surgery~


Paul and Stephanie Roodhuysen are working hard to bring home little Sarah from Pleven and another little girl from a different orphanage in Bulgaria, and could use some fundraising help.

Stephanie writes, “Any help we can get for fundraising ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. We have not pushed for help because there are so many families needing help that we thought we would try to do this on our own. But, we have had to come to the realization that we will be needing help to bring the girls home.”

Please visit their blog to find out how you can help the Roodhuysens, and don’t miss the heartbreaking photos and the story of the very brief glimpse Stephanie had of her little Sarah Beth when she traveled to Pleven with another adopting mom.

Six year old Sarah is blind and very small for her age~


There are other ways to get involved!

We are looking further into the best ways to get practical help directly to the Pleven orphanage, and we’ll let you know when we have more information about that.

Right now there is a small opportunity that nearly everyone can take advantage of!  We’re soliciting thank you notes for the new director of the Pleven orphanage.  We got wind of the fact that she was so overwhelmed by her difficult and thankless task that she felt like quitting every day. We want her to see a tangible demonstration of the fact that she is not alone and her task is not thankless!  She is working very hard and making excellent decisions for the children and needs to know that we value the children and her work on their behalf!

Please write your note to Dr. Dessisslava Georgieva and send it to our address.  For our mailing address, please email me at susanna@theblessingofverity.com


Do what God lays before you to do, and then leave the results with Him.

My friend Adeye recently wrote a very important blog post about this.  If we operate from the premise that it all depends on us, we will quickly be overcome by discouragement, or begin to grow bitter or cynical or harsh.

If you start to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the need, may I urge you to take it to God? He has made Himself responsible for the big picture. Our responsibility is to say YES to whatever He asks of us, and to faithfully walk the path He puts before us.

He will put a heavier weight of responsibility on some people than on others. That is His call.  Our part is to keep our ears open to His directions for us, and to obey Him without looking to the left or to the right.




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6 Responses to “What can I do to help?”

  1. Sarah says:

    Ohh thank you for featuring Jaclyn and her family here!! :)

  2. Jessica Murphy says:

    I have stumbled upon your blog and cannot get these sweet children off of my mind. I would love to make some handmade dolls or other toys for the children with help from my church family, but I wasn’t sure it this would even be possible. Do you know if we’d be able to send them somehow? I was thinking if I got some women together from church we could sew, gather funds for a donation and make cards for the new director.

  3. Emily says:

    How old is Adam?

  4. Susanna says:

    Emily, he is five years old. He is the little treasure we’re raising funds for with the December Hidden Treasures auction, coming up at the end of NEXT WEEK. Will be posting about this soon, Lord willing! http://treasuresinhiddenplaces.blogspot.com/2012/10/meet-our-next-family.html

  5. Julie says:

    Hi Susanna!  Love you, love your family.  I’m wanting to put together a small community service project at my children’s school.  I was thinking thank you notes to the orphanage director would be something easy people could do at home.  I have a neighbor from Buglaria who can write down some simple phrases in Bulgarian – thank you, God bless you, etc.  Our school will pay the postage to mail the notes to the orphanage.  Now…my question to you – is this something that would still be helpful? Thanks so much for all you do!  I’d say God bless you…but I know He already has!

  6. Susanna says:

    That would be lovely, Julie, thank you! I have 10 notes waiting to be added to, and the whole packet can be sent to my friend in Sofia to be translated, and mailed on to the orphanage, so you and your class can feel free to write more if you want to. :) Help with the postage is nice but not necessary, as it has only cost between 5 and 10 dollars each time we’ve sent a packet of 25 or so cards. She’s received over 125 cards and loves them, especially mentioning the cards and drawings that children have made! She wants to put them all up on her office walls!

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