The hard news is…

October 17th, 2012

For too many years, the children in Pleven have endured what you and I have never had to endure.

“I have seen very bad practice from the nurses and carers–manhandling children, force feeding, not changing or washing them.  I never felt the staff were interested to learn.  They actually said these children are different; they don’t feel pain or have feelings.”

Dr. Georgieva, the new director of the Pleven baby house, is energetically doing what I had longed and prayed that she would do–trying her best to make sure each child under her care is listed for adoption so every one has the opportunity to blossom into life within a loving family.  Most of that process is out of her hands, however.

I am heartbroken to have to tell you that the files of seven little children waiting in Pleven are now sitting back in that dusty hallway in the MOJ.  Some of the children still have not had one single soul inquire about adopting them.  If you search the Reece’s Rainbow site for #11, the number of the Pleven orphanage, you will no longer see their little faces and profiles listed there.

Please, friends, share the children’s photos wherever you can!  Help people understand their story by passing on the story of Katie’s adoption!  Please ask them to pass the word along!  Tell them who to contact for more information about any of the children!


Harvey, 3 years old, is terribly malnourished, still the size of a little baby.  Don’t let a little thing like a tube blur your vision, friends!  He is a precious human being!


Tiny Brandi, 6 years old, is alive and waiting for her family to come and claim her and love her all up into little sweet pieces!  She has been neglected and mistreated, friends!  Oh, the day when I will finally see her smiling in her own mother’s arms, with her hair grown out and tied up with a hairbow!


Kramer, eight years old, is so very tiny and pale.  I can’t wait to see his cheeks plump up and turn pink and his eyes sparkle when he is finally beginning to experience life with his own loving family!  This boy needs to know that he is unconditionally loved in order to grow!


Spunky little Chad, nine years old!  I wish so much to hear that he will finally have the opportunity to learn what it means to be a beloved son! Finally out of the institution and into a family, to be loved and grow and learn and progress!


Theodore, is ten years old, but is a very little boy both physically and developmentally.  Who will welcome this small boy into their heart and home and give him all the love he has been missing out on for so long?


Little Garnet, ten years old!  How is it that not one person has asked about adopting this tiny, sparkling girl?  Does anyone out there have eyes to see the treasure she would be to her family?  The joy in her spirit should put many a sour and spoiled face to shame!


Tiny Penny is full of life, friends!  She wants to live!  Friends who have met her say that she is so interactive and full of smiles at their attention!  Who will break her out of Pleven and let her experience what she has been desperately needing for twelve long years?



All it will take for these seven little ones to completely disappear is for us to do nothing.  

These children are our responsibility.  Please speak and act on their behalf and see what God does with our compassionate obedience!  I cannot reach all the people you know, and the people they know, and so on.  Please pray and help to spread the word!  And please don’t stop until you hear that God has sent them families!

For you and me, it means the sacrifice of a few minutes of our lives.  For these children, it means life.

Thank you so much!

For more information about adopting any of these seven children, please email Andrea Roberts at!



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  1. Bethany says:

    Sweet Garnet’s face tugs at my heart every time!  Since I won’t be in a position to adopt for several more years, I pray for her family to find her.  I can’t believe no one has inquired about her!  She’s so beautiful, and you can just see the personality waiting to come out of her!



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