Introducing…The Tommy Candle!

October 19th, 2012


Becky is my good friend.

She makes the best candles our family has ever used.

Most importantly, Becky loves Jesus and has a huge heart.

When you mix all those things together, the results look something like this…


We like to burn candles to give our family’s old farmhouse a cozy and inviting feel!

We used to think that soy candles were an insipid, health-nut variation of The Real Thing.  Sort of like “diet” ice cream bars.

Then Becky gave us one of her candles to try.

Were we ever wrong!

Now Becky’s soy candles are the only candles we burn.

Her candles do not have that cloying, overpowering smell.  They have a delightfully clear scent with no heavy paraffin odor, and don’t put greasy soot onto your walls or into your lungs.  They stretch your candle-buying dollars, too, because they burn 3 to 4 times longer than paraffin candles.

Becky and her husband Warren have been part of Katie’s story, and now they will be part of Tommy’s story, too.

She wrote all about it here on her blog, Hospitality Lane.



Click on this link to go directly to The Tommy Candle fundraiser page on Etsy. 

For every Tommy candle she sells, Becky is donating 100% of her labor costs to Tommy’s adoption.

You will be choosing an eight-ounce candle in one of the following inviting scents:

Potpourri Spice
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Christmas Cabin
French Vanilla
Hot Chocolate
Blueberry Muffin


Thank you, Becky!!!



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25 Responses to “Introducing…The Tommy Candle!”

  1. Shauna says:

    Awesome!  I love candles so I just ordered two :)  And I’d like to donate something to Tommy’s auction too.

  2. sabrina says:

    Beautiful. What a blessing. I am keeping Christmas simple again, buying things in multiples for several people and candles were on my idea list. These are PERFECT!

    Thank you so much!! 

  3. We love candles! Can’t wait to order some!

  4. Becky K. says:

    Just an update….21 Tommy candles have been sold so far.  God is so good and so are His people.

  5. Psalm127Mommy says:

    We love candles – what a fabulous idea.  Praising God for His continued blessing on your precious family.  We can’t wait to light our Tommy candles!

  6. Jane says:

    I went to the page and it said the item was sold out! Please let us know if there will be more! Thanks, Jane.

  7. Becky K. says:

    I have just relisted the Tommy candles.  This means that more than 50 have been sold.  I’m sorry I didn’t anticipate this response…but it is wonderful!!  I will need to get more of these jars when my supplier is open on Monday and I will fill the orders as quickly as I possibly can.  Thanks to all who are ordering!  You are simply the best!

  8. Katie says:

    I LOVE candles for Christmas gifts, and I’ve planned to do all my Christmas shopping via adoption fundraisers this year… as soon as I get my finances figured out to know what I can spend for Christmas I’ll place an order.  How long will they be on sale?

  9. Mary Winslow says:

    We are very excited to try these candles! Susannah…we just wanted you to know that you have encouraged us so much in our adoption journey! Just Tuesday evening, I was at a homeschool Mom’s meeting in NH, and my dear friend Tracy Menard mentioned you and your adoptions and your family. She was so excited when I told her that I knew of you from Adeye’s blog, and that we were following your story through your blog now! In God’s world, it’s so small! We can remember praying for you and your family as your were pregnant with Verity, and all that was involved with your pregnancy and after she was born! She’s just beautiful! We have started the adoption process and are praying that we will be able to be matched with Theodore in Bulgaria! Thank you so much for advocating for him and the other children! We’d be honored to stay in touch with you! We hope to order a few candles next week as our budget allows!
    God Bless you!
    The Winslow Family

  10. Joleigh says:

    You had me at “candles.”  Well, you had me at “Tommy,” but add candles to the mix and you can’t lose. ;)

  11. Bri says:

    Mrs. Winslow, I hope you are matched with Theodore. He is just precious, and has such a need for a family! I will pray that God blesses the adoption proccess :)!!!

  12. Becky K. says:

    update:  95 candles have been sold.  :-)

  13. Susanna says:

    Mary, thank you for writing! I hope to email you this afternoon or evening, Lord willing!

  14. Susanna says:

    Wow, I can hardly believe this response! Just never expected this at all! You all are such a blessing to us, and I know you will love every candle you order from Becky!

  15. Becky K. says:

    Update: 135 candles!  Wow!

  16. Rebecca says:

    I just ordered 3 candles! I cannot wait to receive them and I am so happy that we could help Susanna and her family rescue Tommy.

  17. Rachel says:

    Yes, Thank you Becky! I love candles!!!

  18. Brianna D. says:

    What an awesome Christmas gift idea!  And what scrumptious scents!  I am going to talk to my husband and see how many I can order. :)  
    Love this idea! 

  19. Becky K. says:

    179 candles in the process of being made. 
    Thanks, so much, to all who are so generous.

  20. Susanna says:

    Becky, oh my! Shaking my head and praising God! Could you use some extra help??

  21. Becky K. says:

    I’ve got it.  My friend, Melissa will be here tomorrow evening to help me put labels on them and box them for shipping.  Thanks, Susanna.

  22. Anna T says:

    Thanks for doing this Becky, what a GREAT idea!!  I was looking for something to give to Jacob’s therapists when he “ages out” of Early Intervention on November 12th.  I just placed an order to give each of them a candle (and one for myself).  Vanilla is my all time favorite candle scent!  Blessings to you and yours!  Anna

  23. Becky K. says:

    Just made the first deposit of $600.00 to Tommy’s account.  More to follow! 
    Thanks to everyone for the fantastic reception of this “Tommy Candle”.
    And now, back to create more Christmas Cabin candles.  They are extremely popular!

  24. Susanna says:

    Yes, THANK YOU, everyone! This is incredible to watch!

  25. Becky K. says:

    Placing the update here…just for the sake of continuity.
    Total raised as of November 5, 2012 – $1, 090.  I have deposited the money into Tommy’s account.
    Praising God!!

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