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October 26th, 2012

Did you know…?

~That adoption finances are the biggest barrier to adoption for most willing potential adoptive families?

~That children listed on Reece’s Rainbow who have large adoption funds are more likely to receive families?

~That until the end of this month there is something almost anyone can do to help increase the adoption funds of ten waiting children by $5000 each?

~That Reece’s Rainbow is in a competition to win $50,000 which will go to the adoption funds of ten waiting children in ten countries?

~That if you are over 21 years old and have a Facebook account, you can vote for Reece’s Rainbow ONCE A DAY EVERY DAY until next Wednesday, October 31st?

Go here to see the ten children who will benefit if Reece’s Rainbow wins the competition:

$50k goes a long way

Go here to VOTE:

Freedom, Family, and a Future for Orphans with Down Syndrome

And friends, anything you could do to pass these two links along would be so appreciated!  Thank you!




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5 Responses to “Are you on Facebook?”

  1. Amy says:

    A sweet Facebook friend of mine (we belong to the same Facebook twin moms’ group) led me to your blog and Reece’s Rainbow a year ago. I have so enjoyed seeing the difference you and God have made in Katie’s life! The same friend got me voting daily for Reece’s Rainbow to win the Cultivate Wines contest. I actually just sent out an email this morning to friends and family to get more votes. I added a link to your blog because I wanted people to see the difference that can be made in an child’s life. God bless you and your family. 

  2. Katie says:

    Susanna, thank you so much for posting about this.  We need every vote we can get and you posting this to your followers is like a celebrity posting it!  Face it, mama, you are a household name in the international SN adoption world.  ;)  I’ve been voting every day just after midnight, and I have five friends/family members confirmed voting also!  We can do this – God will continue to set the lonely in families.  

    Always praying for you.  <3

  3. Lucille says:

    Thank you so much Susanna! You are such a blessing! I can’t get over the photos of Katie! She has absolutely blossomed! She is such a beautiful girl! Thank you, again!

  4. Emily McLawhorn says:

    I am not terribly computer savvy, but there may be an issue with this particular post being hacked(?).   I usually view your blog on google reader, and the reader version contains 2 lines of gibberish in the middle of the post about “getting back together with your ex” and includes a hyperlink.  I don’t know how it originates, and it is clearly not on your original blogsite, but does appear on the reader version.  Sorry to trouble you! 
    And, I am praying for Chad.  How awful that he is unseen and ignored.  This should not be, and may the Lord convict us all for turning away from him instead of running towards him.  May the Lord deliver him and all of these children with a mighty hand!

  5. Susanna says:

    Emily, NO trouble! Thank you so much for letting us know! Maybe Joseph will know how to take care of it!

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