And the good news is…

October 17th, 2012

~There’s a new little face from Pleven listed on Reece’s Rainbow!  Praise God for spurring everyone along to make these precious forgotten treasures available for adoption!

Please meet Owen, turning four at the end of this month.  Don’t be scared off by the hyperactive label.  A normal level of activity from a small boy would look very hyperactive in the Pleven baby house!  Email Andrea at for more information about adopting this sweet boy!



~More good news is that the Christiana’s Chance Hidden Treasures auction had a record-breaking total this month.


Only $54 short of reaching $3000!  Wow!  Thank you to everyone who participated in any way; there would be no Hidden Treasures auctions without many, many helpers!  You guys are amazing!!  THANK YOU!!

And be sure to scroll down the Hidden Treasures page to find out which little person the December Hidden Treasures auction will be helping!


~Our family’s I-800A application to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is being processed.  We have been praying for an officer with a heart to get this application approved speedily!  Praying and trusting in the impeccable timing of our great God!


~We’re looking forward to the It’s Tommy’s Time auction coming up next week!  This is going to be a lot of fun, and we can hardly wait!

PLEASE NOTE:  Tommy’s auction will not be held on the Hidden Treasures website for the children from the Pleven orphanage!

You can visit his temporary It’s Tommy’s Time website by clicking on any of the It’s Tommy’s Time links in these sentences.

If you have items to offer for the It’s Tommy’s Time auction, please feel free to email Hollie at  She is blessing us by taking on this part of the auction duties!  Thank you so much to everyone who has already contacted her with your very generous and creative donation offers!

See you next Monday, October 22nd to Saturday, October 27th over where the action will be–the It’s Tommy’s Time online auction!


~The big Katie Q & A I promised is in the works!  It’s in draft form with a title and lots and lots of your questions in it.  I just have to…uh…write the answers and take the photos!  Our family is definitely in one of those stretches when our time is so super filled up I have to choose between living, writing about living, or taking photos of living, and living wins out most of the time!  It’s during times like this I hope I don’t let too many balls drop or offend anyone unintentionally by forgetting something important!

We have experienced a huge amount of understanding and I’m receiving far fewer emails than I had previously.  I appreciate that so much during this time, as it enables me to better keep up with the emails I do receive.

Despite some bad colds and coughs, we are all still alive and kicking!  Thank you to everyone who continues to let us know that you are praying for us!  We love you!

Sweet babies~





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3 Responses to “And the good news is…”

  1. Anna T says:

    Dearest Susanna and family, Please know that you are often in my prayers, God brings you frequently to mind.  Yesterday it was when I was meeting a mother of four dear children under the age of 5 (her 1st two were twins).  I’m posting on Facebook for Ds month and I’m going to link to one of your posts before the month ends.  ((Hugs)), prayers and love to you!  Anna and family    

  2. Hey Susanna,  Althought we’re not able to take part in the bidding during Tommy’s auction because we’re still not fully funded for our first trip to see Christiana (we expect to receive travel dates any day now), I am donating some Keyfobs (or key chains) that I’ve been making and selling as a fundraiser and will be sharing your auction with everyone I know!  Hopefully donating and sharing will help bring more bidders to your auction and help you get funded quicker! 
    With much love and gratitude,


  3. Susanna says:

    Oh Lisa, this is such a sweet thing to do! Thank you!

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