The “It’s Tommy’s Time: auction!

September 25th, 2012

Dear friends,

Three wonderful ladies have been collaborating on a future fundraiser for Tommy’s adoption that should prove to be a lot of fun!



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It’s Tommy’s Time:  An online auction to help bring Tommy home!

It’s slated to be held Monday to Saturday, October 22nd to 27th, at the It’s Tommy’s Time website.


Note:  The October Hidden Treasures auction will open on Monday, October 1st, less than a week from today, to help the Matthews family bring home their little Christiana.  If you’re only able to donate to one auction, could you please help make the Christiana’s Chance auction a success?  Jason and Lisa have been struggling for months to raise the funds to bring home their little treasure who has fetal alcohol syndrome.  I also want you to know that Lisa recently lost her beloved mother.  THANK YOU, friends, for any help you can send their way!


And now, a note to all of you from Amy Rainey, Hollie Paine-Dodge, and Crystal Geib~

We are so excited to have the opportunity to host an auction for the Musser family!  

The key to a successful auction is having a great selection of items up for bid!  Would you like to donate?  Please email with your ideas!

Great auction items include:

~Handmade & Artisan Crafted Items
~New Items
~Gift Cards
~Event Tickets
~Items from Home Based Businesses
~Gift Certificates to Online Shops

This is just a list to get the creative juices flowing!  Do you have another idea?  Let’s talk about it!

Thank you so much for your interest in blessing this sweet family.  Every single item donated and every bid placed is so very important!  Spread the word!

Vindicate the weak and fatherless;
Do justice to the afflicted and destitute.
Psalm 82:3
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7 Responses to “The “It’s Tommy’s Time: auction!”

  1. Mollie says:

    Just send an e-mail with our Donation. Here’s hoping for a huge success!

  2. Sarah says:

    So excited for this auction Susanna! Just sent an email for my first item to donate! :)

  3. Valerie says:

    Susanna, thank you so much for the thank you!  Being the weepy person I am, I cried! I’m so sappy :)!! 

  4. Sharon Robbins says:

    I just love the last picture of Tommy – the one sitting in the chair.  He just looks so jaunty sitting there!  I am just so excited for your family and for Tommy and how his world will break wide open in just a few short months!

  5. Laura says:

    Hello Susanna,

    It was only recently I was blessed to discover your amazing family’s blog.  I have been so touched by your childrens journies.  You are one of several families that have motivated me to adopt special needs children sometime in the near future (I hope!).  As a pastor (though on leave from call at the moment), I am always searching for opportunities to give back as God has so graciously given me.  At the moment, finances are very tight due to my taking a leave from my call as parish pastor due to health issues.  I just signed up as an Avon representative to help pay my bills and as a means to help families fundraise.  I am trying to find a family that could be blessed by some financial help with their adoption and would love to help bring Tommy home.  If you are interested, I would love to hold a two week fundraiser where I give 10% of whatever I make through Avon sales.  I only wish I could give more and pray there will be much to offer to your family.  Please do not hesitate to email me so we could set this up.  Blessings, Susanna, and please know your family has been and will continue to be in my prayers. 

  6. Glyn says:

    Tommy looks so much better in this last photo! Is this up to date? I hope so – he looks so weak in the other photo. Praying for him.

  7. Susanna says:

    Yes, that photo was from August, Glyn. :)

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