Prayer and praising!

September 29th, 2012


Some of you have been praying with us for the children in Pleven for as long as a year and a half.  We are so grateful to have every one of you by our side as we pray for them and fight for them!

Tonight I’m here to rally you and give you fresh encouragement to pray, friends, pray! Do you remember my warning long ago that the enemy often strikes when he thinks we’ve put our prayer-weapons down and been lulled to sleep?  He must think we consider the Pleven story to be over and we’ve all gone home, because he’s been striking on several fronts.

Please take my word for it that the battle for the children is not over yet.

Pray that the good changes the new director hopes to make will actually become reality!  Pray that needed formula and other nourishing food will get to the children!  Pray that nurses and babas will be found who are willing to be hired to care for the children!

Pray that the children in Pleven who don’t yet have ID numbers would receive them!

Pray that the children who are not yet listed for adoption would be registered!

Pray that the files of the children who are on the registry would be chosen by good agencies, so that their families can find them!

Pray that the right families would be compelled forward to adopt them!

Pray that the enemy would keep his filthy mitts off the children and the families who commit to them!

Pray above all that God would show Himself mighty through each child and family!

And praise Him for what He has done for five more children in the Pleven orphanage!

Gage’s family found him!


Peyton’s family found him!


Presley’s family found her!


Carson’s family found him!


And Thad’s family found him!


Faithful friends, your prayers are availing much!  Please don’t grow weary!

Please keep on praying!



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3 Responses to “Prayer and praising!”

  1. Mandy says:

    Praising and praying with you!

  2. Amanda B. says:

    Oh, SO glad!  Gage was especially on my heart when you first posted about him, but I’m so glad for all of them.  Still praying for all the others out there.  

  3. Tami Swaim says:

    To be praying for children by name and then seeing that a loving family has found them does something to the soul that I can’t describe well enough so I won’t try but it is really awesome!

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